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If you're feeling stuck in your relationship or "situationship"... If you're having money or career issues... Or even if you're simply just feeling drained, blocked and lost...or literally have lost something and want help finding it! I can help you find it and you find you! Let's have a chat and let me be your lighthouse in the storm. =)

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About me

Hello Friends! Thanks for stopping by! A little about me! =) I've been an empath my whole life. My strong psychic, intuition, healing and channeling abilities have been handed down through the generations by the women on my mom's side of the family. However, having grown up in a strict religious household in a small Canadian town, I was prevented from utilizing my strengths much throughout most of my life. In my early 30's; after many years of suppression and Agnostic views, the Universe came calling and the veil was lifted from my eyes once again. Tarot and astrology quickly found their way into my life and I had found my calling. Helping people and having a proper median and tools in which to do it has by far been my greatest achievement and something I take great pride and passion in. Learning astrology and the tarot over the past 8 years has come very easy to me and I've been able to share this amazing gift with many people, in which I've been greatful to build continuing and lasting relationships with. Giving guidance to the collective provides me my purpose and happiness. Bringing as many people joy and peace as possible makes me feel complete. I've been thrilled the opportunity to spread light to the collective across the world thanks to Mediumchat and I look forward to you becoming part of the family! ♥ ✌️ 🌈

My method

Having been an Empath/channler my whole life; the art of Tarot and understanding Atrology comes clearly, accurate and easily for me. I watch the planet shifts daily in order to have a better understanding of the energy for the whole collective. Based on my clients Zodiac, I'm able to have an even more detailed personalized idea of why they may feel the way they do or are going through what they're going through. I intuitively pick up on energies very strong and luckily having been a teenager when the internet became a big thing; connecting through electronics is something I am very adapted to and also comes incredibly easy for me. I've also been a writer most of my life, so I'm able to clearly communicate and give descriptive, detailed guidance via text. Along with the accuracy of the planets, your energy and a Tarot spread using several of my many beautiful Tarot decks. (chosen depending on your energy and situation). I'm able to quickly and accurately assess your situation and read coming future energies. Typically my reads can pick up energies approximately 2 weeks to month out. Another skill I possess is the ability to find things that are lost. Using my cards and intuition I am able to point out where a lost thing is. I've saved my clients thousands and lots of heartache! =) I am also able to read birth charts and give compatibility readings. (for these it's helpful to have a place and time of birth). During many chats and readings the Universe sends me songs, visual signs, physical sensations or messages to help give me the best and most accurate guidance. I genuinely want to be able to help you with whatever it is you might be going through. I'll be your most trusted advisor and hopfully friend. ♥ ✌️ 🌈


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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Cornell - 17 Juli 2021

This was my second time chatting with Amy on a common subject, and I can honestly say that she is already becoming my go-to. I actually held off on speaking with other psychics for awhile in the interest of catching her while she was on here! What I like about Amy is that, even if she does not have a precise answer to the question you come with, the insight that she has to give feels very genuine given my own knowledge of the situation. Personally, I would WAY rather have that than predictions that give false hope with little real merit. She is also authentically empathetic and kind. Her insights have reassured me that I, alone, am not to blame for the situation I am healing from but, rather, there is more going on beneath the surface with my POI that I cannot detect all on my own. In light of that, she is gently directing me towards a healthier path and helping me identify the positives in my life in the meantime. Thank you again, Amy! I like your style! ❤️

Meredith - 9 Juli 2021

I can’t put into words how helpful and positive Amy’s guidance is. It’s delivered in such a kind and gentle manner and provides amazing clarity and opportunity, to reflect and build on her reading. Her readings are extremely accurate and give detail that I have not disclosed. Speaking with Amy brings me so much peace and provides me with the chance to move forward in a positive light. I absolutely adore engaging with her and feel blessed to have found her!

Patricia - 8 Juli 2021

Just a short little reading put my mind at ease and so spot on will deal be contacting Amy again ❤️

Cheryl - 5 Juli 2021

Thank you Amy! I felt so connected with you ♥️ I’ll come back with news

Madduu - 4 Juli 2021

She was fantastic my time ran out but will definitely have a reading by Amy again ❤️

Carolynne - 3 Juli 2021

Dear Amy, thank you for sharing your insights!

Deepa - 3 Juli 2021

Amy was able to pick up on my POI well, she replies promptly, and is a wonderful person to speak to if you find yourself in a twin flame dynamic.

Haley - 25 Juni 2021

Amy is just amazing!!! Her guidance is so full of positivity and warmth, and also really fun!! Any gives so much detail and goes above and beyond to deliver her messages! She answers as though you are really a treasured friend. Extremely thankful for her help and can’t wait to chat again!!

Patricia - 25 Juni 2021

Lovely reading ❤️

Trixieodonoghue - 19 Juni 2021

My go to girl!!! Absolutely amazing and spot on! Trust the predictions come to pass

Alisha - 19 Juni 2021

All I can say is, Whoa, I cannot believe the specifics that Amy was able to pick up on concerning myself and an ex lover! She was able to “hear” a doubt that he had expressed to me in the past in almost his exact words…I was blown away. Everything that she said about what he was thinking and feeling rang so true to him. I only wish we could have spoken longer but ran out of funds. I would absolutely contact her again! I think she may have had advice that would have proved beneficial. She made me think about aspects of his hesitancy that I hadn’t before, and most had nothing to do with me. Thank you, Amy! Your insight brought me comfort.

Meredith - 18 Juni 2021

Informing and helpful 😊

Laurie - 13 Juni 2021

Sorry Amy couldn’t thank you properly! It was amazing how easily you connected! I will be back ❤️

G - 12 Juni 2021

I am so blown away by Amy’s accuracy and guidance. She delivers her advice with such positivity and warmth regardless of what is coming across. I would highly recommend anybody to reach out to her, it will help them immensely.

Patricia - 12 Juni 2021

Amy amazing! very accurate and intuitive. Amy picked up on things which I didnt even tell her. I instantly connected with her and will absolutely connect again.

Dionne - 10 Juni 2021

She is amazing happy spirit to!! I recommend her

Shauntae - 9 Juni 2021

Very good

Brenda - 9 Juni 2021

Amy was so gentle, accurate and intuitive. Amy was aware of things I had not even spoken about. I instantly connected to her and will absolutely reach out next time I need guidance.

Patricia - 9 Juni 2021

She is sooooo good. Unfortunately ran out of funds/time but wow. She's definitely one to go to if you want or need answers!

Melissa - 8 Juni 2021

Direct contact with Amy