Intuitive and kind Tarot reader & medium

My Specialties:

  • Personal development
  • Love and relationship questions
  • Career / Financial

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What can I do for you?

To shed light on a confusing situation, when faced with a difficult decision or to seek advice about something that happened or will happen, my cards and I can help. With patience and a kind ear I will bring clarity to your questions. My readings can be on anything that is in your mind. Love, career, family, studies, relationships, spirituality, etc. I will use different spreads and decks based on the subject, but the main deck that I use is the Rider-Waite-Smith Tarot. We can do the session in English or in French.

Gifts and methods:

  • Reader
  • Tarot cards
  • Lenormand cards
  • Life coach
  • Love coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Provide practical help
  • For a proper chat

About me

I’m Bernie and I am a professional Tarot reader. Nothing makes me happier than helping people. Tarot has been part of my life since I was a teenager. It gave me courage through the most challenging times. It brought me awareness on my actions and taught me how to be a healthier, happier and kinder version of myself. With my cards, I wish to inspire everyone to see all the beauty that they are made of. Each session is for me a unique chance to connect with someone’s inner light. I seek to guide people to find practical solutions to overcome any obstacle with their inner strength.

My method

My sessions of Tarot reading are designed to analyse your life in dept, while offering realistic advices to your questions. A balance between intuition, critical thinking, honesty and compassion is key to my approach. I welcome anyone with any skin-color, nationality, religion, gender identity, sexual orientation, disabilities or with any personal history. It is always helpful if you have a picture, but it is not necessary either if you prefer to stay anonymous.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

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Thank you very much :) this gives me more hope!

Annoniem - 19 November 2020

Got the answers I needed and was very satisfied, thankyou

Leanne - 19 November 2020