My soul purpose is to guide you to the peace you seek

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • General
  • Contact with loved ones in Spirit

50 conversations

What can I do for you?

There are so many incredible people here on Mediumchat to choose from! So, I'd like to be very clear on what you can expect from me in a reading. I will ALWAYS tell you what you NEED to hear- which may be contrary to what you'd LIKE to hear. Be certain, that this information, whether it be relationships, career, finances or the truly BIG elements (like why you are hereā™” ) will always be imparted with the utmost compassion. This is my pledge to you. I would love to see a photo of you, just because I'm curious! But, I'll leave that up to you and your comfort level. I have multiple tools I can, and have used in readings but this truly all depends on you. As we begin to connect, I will begin to see images that I will describe/interpret to you, based on the question (s) you have asked. I may request guidance from the Archangels and draw an Oracle card to obtain additional clarity but this isn't always necessary. I am trained in the art of pendulum divination (which is often useful in yes/ no questions) tarot and Crystal scrying which may also be incorporated into your reading as needed or, at your specific request

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Meditation
  • Angel cards


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Listen well
  • Provide practical help

About me

I am a 4th generation, Cree (Native) Canadian, natural Psychic-Medium. I have seen, heard and felt spirit and the messages they convey, since first memory. I sought education and career in the Social Sciences and did my best to stifle these gifts, however, the messages never ceased. I have had the privilege of honing these gifts through mentorship and training with world renowned Psychic Medium, James Van praagh (JVP School of Mystical Arts), Psychic Sarah and ongoing group development. I finally embraced my gifts in a formal and open way 3 years ago after a near-death experience, subsequently retiring rom my career, to soulfully commit to this invaluable work. To offer you: meaning, fulfillment and peace, that only spirit can provide.

My method

To ensure the most efficient and meaningful read, it is most helpful for you to ground yourself as I would before I am working with you! Simply, take a deep breath through your nose. Hold for 3 seconds- exhale through your mouth for 3 seconds. Do this 3 times and hold a clear picture of the question, guidance or spirit connection you are seeking. This is sometimes challenging for us, particularly when we have something we deeply wish to resolve. But, this practice is not only one of the absolute best ways for us to align but also, a quick and effective little practice that you can use to access your own souls intuition.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic

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