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My Specialties:

  • Contact with loved ones in Spirit
  • Love and relationship questions
  • Spiritual development

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What can I do for you?

Are you seeking guidance? Quite often we find ourselves stuck and how ever many times we try to stop certain situations, they still reoccur. I am able to delve deeper into the situations along with your guides, my guides and loved ones in Spirit to get to the bottom of the situation. I can help you with your life purpose and your spiritual path. Should I take this path or the other? I can help with any situations regarding your relationships, jobs finances etc. You are not puppets. You can accep

Gifts and methods:

  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Life coach
  • ADD / ADHD specialist
  • Autism coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I feel your loved ones in Spirit
  • Straightforward and practical

About me

Hi I am a Medium Clairvoyant Psychic . I have worked for Spirit for about 17 years on a one to one basis, over the phone and emails. I have enjoyed every minute of it helping people to find some inner peace along with bringing loved ones through with guidance for the present. I use no tools to connect to spirit but I can use Angel Cards for clarification and affirmation. My messages are always positive and uplifting. I love using my gift to bring clarity to situations that could be bothering you

My method

I connect to you psychically first then if there is a message from Spirit from a loved one I bring them through. If not then it will be guidance and insight from my guides or yours. I am happy to receive a picture of someone you have in mind as this can help me connect to greater lengths. I am a competent typist but there may be some very short pauses as I listen to Spirit for guidance to give you. I am a great believer in fulfilling your soul's life path and will help guide you to manifest with


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic

Direct contact with Elaine

56 reviews

Brilliant lady speaks to the point !!

Yvonne - 9 April 2021

Thank you Elaine! You are right thanks for the advice and support also 💓

Lenko - 4 April 2021

Omg now I’m a believer she was great and accurate

Shauntae - 30 Maart 2021

Thank you very much Elaine 💜💙💖🌷 so spot on, even if it is some bad news.

Ruby - 24 Maart 2021

Was amazing and just what I needed to hear thankyou

Donna - 11 Maart 2021

thank you, Elaine, come back soon!

Vassiliki - 19 Februari 2021

Very lovely to talk to I just needed Clarity she gave that to me and more thank you so much for the wonderful reading I will be back

Jody - 10 Februari 2021

❤️ words I needed to hear! xx Thank you x

Mags - 30 Januari 2021

Thank you Elaine, lovely reading, would recommend. Thank you x

Lorraine - 21 Januari 2021

Was lovely to catch up again. As spot on as our previous chat. Thank you so much, I needed to hear that.

Sean - 20 Januari 2021

 She was easy to talk to and gave good advice even though I didn’t want to hear some of what she had to say. Overall I was very pleased. 

LaToya - 7 Januari 2021

She makes you feel so comfortable the conversation put my mind at ease really would recommend Elaine

Angelina - 11 December 2020

I still have goosebumps.

Nicole - 29 November 2020

Hope what she says come true

Julie - 26 November 2020

Thank you Elaine for a great reading from a lovely lady.

Claire - 26 November 2020

Elaine was very accurate in her description , and i really enjoyed the reading she did for me , definitely will have another chat soon xxx

Jelena - 23 November 2020

Lovely reading and very friendly. She confirmed a lot of things another psychic has said to me including time frames!

Hannah - 23 November 2020

Really good

Tara - 16 November 2020

This was my second chat with Elaine and she was just as amazing and spot on as the first time. She is such a gifted lady and blew me away again with what she told me, in such detail I'm still shocked at what she said. You've made me feel very happy, thank you so much can't wait to chat again xxxx

Joanne - 3 November 2020

Elaine put my mind at rest

Susan - 19 Oktober 2020

She was awesome and used all the time we had very well! I will be coming back to talk! I got a lot of clarity that I needed on passed loved ones

Hannah - 11 September 2020

Excellent reading ..acurate . Very friendly . Will use again x thank you

Maggi - 8 September 2020

Accurate and to the point.

Gina - 8 September 2020

Got everything right made me feel not so worried about want I know I must do to change my life for the better

Aggie - 7 September 2020

Had very little time but Elaine was absolutely spot on. Thank you :)

Amy - 4 September 2020

Very good. I find this easy to use.

Jo. Short For Joanne - 31 Augustus 2020

Thank you so much Elaine. Look forward to your next reading. Very accurate x

Mel - 26 Augustus 2020

Thankyou elaine very accurate x

Julie - 18 Augustus 2020

Elaine was very good, got people up who ceased il talk to her again thank you love light xx

Julie - 17 Augustus 2020

Settled my mind

Audrey - 15 Augustus 2020

She was lovely.

Serena - 13 Augustus 2020

She knew without much asking from me. Trust this woman 100% I know you may be skeptical at first but trust this review and trust this lady.

Mariama - 11 Augustus 2020

Thanks for the awesome reading and advice, I really appreciate it , very spot on when it came to matters of the heart. Will definitely come back for another follow up

Kalaivani - 10 Augustus 2020

Very deep reading.. 💙😥 at the same time wonderful to know.

Lina - 7 Augustus 2020

Please thank Elaine for me, she told me lots of things that validated her messages. Very emotional for me to be in touch with my mother once again.

Maggie - 4 Augustus 2020

Thank you Ms Elaine. Communicating with you were very good and very helpful as well.

Deepa - 29 Juli 2020

She seemed to know a lot. Very good reading. Thank you.

Sharon - 26 Juli 2020

It was wonderful to speak to Ms Elaine, She is an incredible medium. She was able to connect with my mother who passed away last year. It felt very good to communicate with her and receive her beautiful energy that is full of love and light. It is very healing. Thanks!

Deepa - 23 Juli 2020

Ms. Elaina, has an amazing gift of connecting with those who have passed. She also has a great energy, which is full of light and healing power.

Deepa - 23 Juli 2020

Thanks Elaine. You picked up on a small detail relating to the matter straightaway.

Milly - 22 Juli 2020

She is awesome. I felt instant connection. She was fast and she knew things I haven’t told her. She confirmed all of my gut feelings. Gave me peace of mind. Highly recommended

Marta - 22 Juli 2020

The most amazing reading. My heart is so full after speaking with Elaine. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Ashvini - 20 Juli 2020

Elaine is “GIFTED” She picks Up And connects really fast, types quick. She was able to tell me rverything without even asking. I felt connected with her, i felt as if she knew me. Her predictions are on spot. I do recommend her.i will definitely come back. She was able to reassure me.

Molly - 18 Juli 2020

Accurate and a happy person. Thank you Elaine and I really hope that what you told me about my future happens.

Lisa - 15 Juli 2020

Amazing! She told me details that I can confirm.

Roxy - 11 Juli 2020

Very professional and made me feel at ease for my first time.

Liam - 6 Juli 2020

Fantastic spot on will be chatting again!

Samantha - 5 Juli 2020

Excellent reader. Gave great direction and advise that I will follow.

Lauren - 2 Juli 2020

Very witty and a good reading ,very enjoyable ..thankyou Elaine

Nicola - 1 Juli 2020

Knew lots about my grandad and even told me about his dog great lady

Sarah - 30 Juni 2020

She was very chatty, put me at my ease

Bev - 29 Juni 2020

I LOVED it. Everything was spot on. There was one thing I wasn't sure of. But I know I'll think about it and figure it out. I LOVE LOVE LOVED my reading and will most likely be doing another one. Elaine was awesome. I wish I had time to talk one on one with her for an hour. Shes amazing. I will be contacting again. God Bless!

Dena - 27 Juni 2020

Only had a short time but was good x

Nicola - 20 Juni 2020

Elaine really felt me from the first word, it was easy to communicate. I'm very happy I decided to ask for help, and I got the answer I already knew, I just needed to confirm it. I was scared to do the biggest mistake of my life, but it was just my fears. Elaine gave me great support. Thank you. I'm much more stronger after 13 minutes of chat 🍀

Inga - 19 Juni 2020

I spoke to A LOT of psychis, but Elaine, you are so spot on WOW! The train detail, how could u know that? You are amazing!!! Just WOW!

Ny - 12 Juni 2020

Elaine was AMAZING. I've had readings but none as accurate as this one. I'd highly recommend her. She grasps the reality as it was. Thank you

Happy - 11 Juni 2020

Direct contact with Elaine