20 years experience Tarot Reader & Charm Divination

My Specialties:

  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • Love and relationship questions
  • Career / Financial

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What can I do for you?

Are you confused and need answers? My extensive experience will get you the accurate answers to get on the right path for anything that you feel you are struggling with. No judgments, just understanding. Life gives us challenges and I am here to guide you and to tell what will be the outcome and possible steps to take in a situation whether it be love, relationships, career, or just life choices. Fortune telling is my life passion. Get the answers and direction you need with me.

Gifts and methods:

  • Dream analysis
  • Angel reader
  • Tarot cards
  • Gypsy cards
  • Addiction problems


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I type quickly
  • I feel your energy

About me

I was raised by a white witch and have over 20 years of experience in fortune-telling. Along with my tarot cards, I use a rare traditional fortune-telling system using jewelry charms to get the answers you need. I have also obtained diplomas in numerology, feng shui, and palm reading. My passion is to help and guide people in the most positive, uplifting way and I work full time as a medium. I currently have over 30 decks of tarot and oracle cards. I have previously done large events, online and in-person tarot readings, and happily working for Mediumchat.

My method

I have various forms of fortune telling I use together to get the answers you need. I do believe in energies so I will ask you which tarot deck you want me to use either (Angel, Energy, LOVE or Classic Tarot) and will do a spread along with the runes and charm divination. If you feel you would like to send me photos, it would be helpful to connect but not necessary. Very excited to tap into your energy and get to know you and get you the answers you need.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic Mediums French

Direct contact with Jennifer

45 reviews

She said some insightful honest things which seem like they are true. Sadly for me. She was Frank and honest and gave me Nesha Charalambous perspective

Nesha - 26 Maart 2021

Quick to connect very detailed thanks

Victoria - 12 Februari 2021

Jennifer was spot on with my situation. She was great!! I definitely will be contacting her again😊

Trina - 10 Februari 2021

She was so friendly and lovely and everything was very relatable and close to home! x

Caroline - 9 Februari 2021

Very intuituve, reassuring and helpful!

Johnnedra - 7 Februari 2021

It’s was great  xx

Petra_coque - 6 Februari 2021

Felt rubbish today with alot whats going on in my life but Jennifer made me feel so much better. She told me things that others have said to nearly the exact words. Thanks again 😘

Sasha - 28 Januari 2021

Jennifer is excellent and very accurate!!! Would come back again!!! Sorry Jennifer the connection got lost as I pressed the wrong button!

SK - 28 Januari 2021

Thank you πŸ™

Joanna - 26 Januari 2021

Thanks so much Jennifer. You were excellent. Definitely can recommend.

Amy - 25 Januari 2021

Jennifer was amazing and most importantly she responded pretty fast. She delve very deep into what I am going through and gave pretty accurate information. I definitely would recommend her.

LaToya - 21 Januari 2021

Brilliantly insightful ..put my mind at ease...amazing reader ...quick straight to the point answers Thank you Cheryl

Cheryl - 11 Januari 2021

Super friendly and easy to talk to. Picked up on a lot and gave a lot of information! Made me feel at ease. Thank you

Katie - 5 Januari 2021

I felt much better after my chat. 

Kathleen - 29 December 2020

I like her she is the truth and she knows what she talking about! Let her read you! You won’t be disappointed

Shauntae - 17 December 2020

Thanks hun.

Ashley - 17 December 2020

Very good she picked up on my situation without me saying too much and Jennifer gave good advice. Spot on and totally made sense. Thank you :)

Danni - 20 Oktober 2020

Jennifer! Thank you so much. It’s been a pleasure. I felt at ease and got the responses that made my vision clearer. Made my night definitely! Will comeback with updates, hopefully you will be around! Thank you again!

Ivone - 16 Oktober 2020

THANK U again for the heads up ave been told again that the person we were talking about will get in contact with me will def let u know how things go thank u Jennifer xx

Claire - 14 Oktober 2020

She confirmed a lot! Shes great. Loved her.

Dakota - 13 Oktober 2020

excellent connected very easily spot on with my situation

Louise - 12 Oktober 2020

Very friendly

Tania - 29 September 2020

She’s great! I really clicked with Jennifer! I’ll definitely be back to chat with her!!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

Skylar - 28 September 2020

She is the best I’ve ever come across!

Katisha - 27 September 2020

Ave spoke to Jennifer a few times wat am gona do hope it goes well not looking forward to if but told Jennifer will keep her posted she's lovely to speak to just wanna say a big thank u wud def recommend her to anyone xx

Claire - 14 September 2020

Jennifer is a very fast typer. You will not feel that your minutes are being wasted! She picked up on my situation very quickly and knew SO many things that there was no way she could of known unless she is the real deal! I was VERY impressed with her. She will tell you the truth (even if it is something you would rather not hear), but in a genuinely kind manner. She is not judgemental and you will feel like you're speaking to a friend.

Haley - 13 September 2020

Jennifer tuned in to my situation immediately and was fast to answer all of my questions, providing me with peace and clarity. She's awesome!

Shanna - 7 September 2020

She nailed exactly what I was wanting to find more out about in regards to a relationship I am wanting to reconnect. she told me what I didn't expect in the best way and it gave me goosebumps. absolutely authentic.

Emma - 29 Augustus 2020

She was great.

Candi - 25 Augustus 2020

The credits ran out very quickly before I could any answers.

Zelda - 23 Augustus 2020

Thank you hunπŸ’ž

Shaya - 22 Augustus 2020

Jennifer is loveliest person and amazing at what she does.

Mioo - 18 Augustus 2020

I felt drawn to Jennifer maybe it's as she has the same name as me. I wanted to ask a specific question and being sensitive myself but I always doubt myself she actually confirmed to me what spirit had already told me. I would like to continue the chat another time for more detail in to the cards she pulled at the end of the chat. I would recommend Jennifer πŸ‘Œ she's really good! Better than mediums I've seen in person

Jennifer - 16 Augustus 2020

Im so happy I was able to chat with Jeniffer.Im shocked and out of wordsπŸ˜ͺ everything she said is so true and I enjoyed my free minutes.Thank you a thousand times.I will make sure I get more readings.

Paidamoyo - 13 Augustus 2020

Jennifer was so warm and welcoming, she gave such an accurate reading regarding my career and the recent passing of a friend. She asked relevant questions and pulled cards which gave me a clarity I had been lacking.

Nikki - 5 Augustus 2020

Amazing, everything she said was exactly right. I feel so much better about my future and my healing process. Thank you so much

Kerry - 1 Augustus 2020

Jennifer was so spot on with my reading, I wish I could have chatted longer. Thank you πŸ˜ƒ

Keryn - 31 Juli 2020


April - 26 Juli 2020
She did wonderful
Taliya - 24 Juli 2020

Very good, recommend.

Tony - 23 Juli 2020

Was wonderful and by the time i was finally done chatting i believe i had accomplished a whole lot in a short period of time

Zach - 17 Juli 2020

Jennifer is kind and engaging and so personable. I had a great reading with her and will definitely be back!

Elizabeth - 11 Juli 2020

Very accurate would definitely recommend!

Morgan - 8 Juli 2020

Brilliant reader picked up details quickly

Victoria - 7 Juli 2020

Really good actually x

H - 29 Juni 2020

Direct contact with Jennifer