Tarot Reader, Empath, & Accurate Born Medium

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Personal development
  • Career / Financial

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What can I do for you?

I can answer many types of questions ranging from general readings, yearly readings, or even the specific reading about love life and more! I have multiple tarot decks and oracles with me of which work well for different situations. Providing an image of yourself or whomever is the subject of the reading would absolutely help but it is not required!

Gifts and methods:

  • Reader
  • Tarot cards
  • Spiritual coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Kind
  • With humor where possible

About me

Hello and thank you for finding interest in me as a potential medium to guide you! I come from a family line of women who have all had some form of medium abilities such as seeing spirits, empathy, and/or clairvoyance. I have been doing tarot readings for a few years now but have had medium abilities for my whole life. I also practice the sacred religion of Wicca. I would love to use my gifts to help guide you through the next steps in life or even help you understand if you're on the right track. Hope to speak with you soon!

My method

I find images do greatly help with my readings but, again, are not required at all. The images greatly help with reading off energy and therefore help with conveying the reading more clearly to me. I am completely fine with answering a multitude of questions!


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic US psychic Canadian psychic

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Second reading with Jessica, had to come back as I really enjoy her way and she's very warming. Bless u

Dean - 26 Mei 2021