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My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • General
  • Career / Financial

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What can I do for you?

Through My own life experiences, I feel I can fully understand that life can be misty at times and the future can appear uncertain. I am here to listen to you without any judgment, and I will advise you to the best of my gifts. My readings are always honest and truthful and I will read for you using the tools of divination and clairvoyance, if you prefer a specific one please let me know at the start of the reading. Together we will reach to solutions and improvement, by holding a empathic connection which will lead us to the best opportunity of your situation.

Gifts and methods:

  • Dream analysis
  • Reader
  • Photo reading
  • Psychic
  • Spiritual coach


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I type quickly
  • Via angels / guides

About me

Thank you for choosing me. I am a Psychic adviser, spiritual healer, and shaman with over 15 years’ experience in the tarot, crystal ball readings and I-Ching oracle consultations. I am a careful and understanding listener and I am here to assist you along life’s path, without judgement. I will answer any questions with clarity and with empathy. I read the tarot cards, crystal ball and specialise in the I-Ching oracle, while working on a psychic link with yourself. You’ll be treated with respect, friendliness, and kindness. A sincere desire to help you. You’ll feel comfortable telling me your situation because I won’t judge you. Complete confidentiality. Your secrets are safe here. If you are brand new to tarot, I will explain how do I read and answer any questions. If something negative comes up in the reading, I will help you to find strategies. Again, you are always in control of your life – life doesn’t just “happen” to you.

My method

It is my pleasure to explore and give straight answers to any of your questions no matter that they are in the love/relationships or business/financial, family or friends or any specific situation or person(s) readings. Sharing photos are not necessary but they are create a better link to the situation and the persons connected to it.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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36 reviews

Thanks alot, Marius. Very comforting and informative. Sorry, ran out credit. Marius is really worth chatting to - very insightful.

Abi - 13 Juni 2021

I had a very good reading with Marius , he is spot on and I really hope what he says is what will happen , thank you again

Jelena - 11 Juni 2021

Marius was great!

Stephanie - 10 Juni 2021

Marius is quick to respond, won't wate your credit and he gives incredible insightful information. He is by far one of my favourites.

Hafeni - 10 Juni 2021

Thank you Marius, you were really kind and quick to respond in the 10 minutes we had. I feel as if you gave me good advice and helped me reflect on my situation. Thank you for your clarity and quick responses.

Victoria - 7 Juni 2021

Marius answered all my questions within a short timeframe, without any waffling or beating around the bush in a such warm and heart warming way. Will come back with updates. Thanks so much Marius! xx

Jasmine - 7 Juni 2021

Marius is on point and he will give you clarity about your situation without any details. He is such a kind soul and so grateful for your time. Bless you Marius!

Kim - 5 Juni 2021

Marius, is so AMAZING! So kind! So real. If you a looking for a honest reading give him a go! Marius, will wow you with the information!. Bless you. Xxx

Carmel - 3 Juni 2021

Insightful. Types fast and is super accurate. Also, just a nice guy.

Hafeni - 2 Juni 2021

It’s been an absolute pleasure getting readings with Marius. He goes to details that is mind blowing and has a good handle on the persons of interest. He is very attentive, comforting and tells it as it is. I am very glad to keep coming to him again. Thanks Marius 😊

Abi - 2 Juni 2021

Very, kind. Wonderful reading, accurate. Await to see predictions come to pass. Give this gentle soul a go! You won't be disappointed. ❤🙏

Carmel - 31 Mei 2021

Amazing and wonderful as always! ❤

Melissa - 30 Mei 2021

Marius is good at what he does. Gave me some insight to things that are going on and made a prediction of something to come.

Victoriana - 29 Mei 2021

Another wonderful reading with this special man👍. He is a gem ❤️, guys please do try him, he answer all the questions in detail. He is accurate, kind and positive energetic beautiful soul. I will be returning to him again and again as his few predictions came true about my future man😉

Hina - 28 Mei 2021

Marius is an amazing and genuine Psychic. Very caring and positive just tells you things exactly as they are. Will be back for another reading

Samantha M - 27 Mei 2021

I wish I had more time with Marius. He gave me some very accurate insights

Lilly - 26 Mei 2021

Loved Marius reading. Was very true in what he said. I await the next few months to see what happens. Thank you x

Esther - 26 Mei 2021

I think Marius is one of the best.he was able to describe the person so well and also explain what is currently happening.I really appreciate.i hope things will go on well

Sharon - 22 Mei 2021

Surprisingly very accurate. Definitely didn’t disappoint. Will contact again. Five star. Thank you. 💜

Michelle - 19 Mei 2021

Marius you are such a pleasure to chat with very kind and so very accurate with how you described the one I truely love. You are amazing and I will definitely come back soon. Thank you 😊

Evelyn - 19 Mei 2021

Very hopeful and positive reader with understanding. I just hope the reading comes true. Thank you

Natalia - 19 Mei 2021

Thank you marius for your insight today, you gave me hope. You are very sweet and friendly and of course accurate. Would come back again. Thanks again .

Preet - 18 Mei 2021

Very quick and kind

G - 16 Mei 2021

Sorry I did not get a chance to thank you. Simply amazing. Try him you won’t regret it. Very kind, fast, detailed and accurate. Thank you 🤍

Fatima - 16 Mei 2021

Very detailed

Telisha - 16 Mei 2021

He’s know what he is talking about!!!! I’m telling you get a reading from him!!! This one should be one of hardest to start a chat with because he’s that damn good!

Shauntae - 16 Mei 2021

Always wonderful to chat to Marius. He's so honest and insightful. Quick answers and such a lovely energy. Highly recommended. Thank you Marius xxxxx

Cheryl - 16 Mei 2021

Thank you Marius. Kind, insightful and gave me hope. Its what I needed right now. x

Tammy - 15 Mei 2021

Very precise , help and spot on about my situation. Very highly recommend. If you need help he is your man to get accurate results. I will you use again. Thank you

Mo - 15 Mei 2021

This man is on point with his readings!

Shauntae - 15 Mei 2021

Thank you Marius. Your reading was very positive and you confirmed some things which I needed clarification on. Don’t hesitate to connect with Marius for an honest and clear reading. I also received a private message after our conversation which was so lovely and thoughtful. I will connect again soon.

Justine - 12 Mei 2021

Excellent reading. Confirmed what i was feeling and what my intuition was telling me. Good insight.

Lesley - 9 Mei 2021

Marius was amazing , he gave a detailed description on each card which related to my situation really well. He is also very understanding an excellent reader

Francesca - 9 Mei 2021
Lovely man
Haley - 6 Mei 2021

So sweet and very spot on!

Melissa - 6 Mei 2021

Very friendly and humble person. Accurate reading👏. Fast typing and told a lot in less time. I would be returning for more readings. 👍

Hina - 5 Mei 2021

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