Clairvoyant, Numerologist, Tarot reader, Life coach

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Family & friends
  • Break-up / relationship issues

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What can I do for you?

Do you need answers and guidance ? I am here to help you and to provide you with all the clarity about Love, family friends and your career. I will help with numerology and Tarot and we can get deeper with all your questions. Together we will clarigy everything and you will see things and know your path.

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Dream analysis
  • Coaching
  • Numerology
  • Energetic therapy


  • No sugarcoating
  • Many insights
  • I feel your energy

About me

Hello and welcome, My name is Hazel, I have 12 years of experience and I am a 5th generation psychic reader. I look into your past, present and future to give you the answers that you are seeking in all areas of your life such as love and relationships, career and finances.

My method

Ask me anything and you will feel that clarity. I will be direct, compassionate and intuitive about the whole situation ! Dont feel hesitant. My answers come through visions and insights and ghrough my cards. This session will offer you answers and happiness. It will clears up your confusion and you will feel ready to face anything in life.


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* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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21 reviews


Hili - 8 Januari 2021

Very good reader set my mind at ease will definitely be back again

Natasha - 5 Januari 2021

She was right on my love life.

Tineka - 3 Januari 2021

100% correct she is very very helpful, caring and accurate, thankyou for being there.

Tareta - 31 December 2020

She is really good 😱 omg I’m shock!

Shauntae - 30 December 2020

She enlightened me on information I wasn’t aware of.

Lajoya - 28 December 2020

Really enjoyed my reading w Marwa. She picked up on my situation well, and I look forward to more chats with her :)

Haley - 26 December 2020

Very detailed reading all of which made sense to me Marwa connected with the situation really quickly and was a genuine pleasure to speak too thank you

Victoria - 26 December 2020

Very honest and straightforward. Gave amazing insight into my situation.

Dakota - 23 December 2020

Excellent chat,on point percise and really helpful. I recommend her for all she is really good. She is in my favorites next time I come back she is my person to go to

Tareta - 19 December 2020

Thanks for the reading

Afua - 18 December 2020

She has been a pleasure to talk with!

Ashleigh - 18 December 2020

Such a wonderful person to connect with. Always leaves me calm and reassured. No judgement ever and such an easy person to speak to. Thank you so much Marwa

Aqeela - 17 December 2020

She was really willing to help me and felt the situation.

Sam - 13 December 2020

Very good read . It was like she knew the person I was talking about. Straightforward.

Mo - 11 December 2020

Great connection. Hope it all comes to pass x

Francesca - 11 December 2020

She was very on point. She connected with me and my situation. Absolutely will get my readings from her. 💗💗

Ivette - 10 December 2020

Wish we got longer to chat and it was cheaper as cannot afford the prices.

Sonya - 8 December 2020

Very good!

Maya - 6 December 2020

Thank you Marwa for the happy positive reading you gave me. You lifted my spirits so much and made me feel so much better about the situation. Hope it all come's true. x

Monique - 6 December 2020

Thank you for the quick replies and hope :)

Annoniem - 6 December 2020

Direct contact with Marwa

Live Chat