Accurate Medium, intuitively reads Tarot & Oracle cards

My Specialties:

  • Spiritual development
  • Love and relationship questions
  • Break-up / relationship issues

661 conversations

What can I do for you?

Do you have any questions regarding career, love, spirituality? Anything really. I can read and feel energies preferably through a photo. I channel messages from Spirit. Together we will find insight.

Gifts and methods:

  • Tarot cards
  • Photo reading
  • Oracle cards


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I read photo's
  • I feel your energy

About me

Thank you for your interest in me. I was inherited psychic gifts from my great-grandma. I use tarot and oracle cards as a tool to channel messages.

My method

Feel free to ask anything I am open to pretty much all questions.Through the tarot and oracle cards I can usually get answers pretty fast .I prefer to work with photos and D.o.b please it aids in really connecting.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.


English speaking psychic

Direct contact with Melissa

14 reviews

I spoke to Melissa as I’m going through a bit of a rubbish time just now. She answered every question I had and I’ll definitely use her again x

Gemma - 5 Augustus 2020

I wish I had more time but I got most of what I needed, it felt good spiritually and I’m at peace. Thank you Melissa.

Adina - 5 Augustus 2020

Thank you Melissa for your reading. Everything you said made sense. Until next time.

Regina - 22 Juli 2020

I enjoyed this chat, Mellisa was calm. She confirmed some things that I already knew about good chat.

Molly - 22 Juli 2020

Love Melissa she’s right on point.

Bianca - 16 Juli 2020

Sorry we got cut short. Really enjoyed my reading with Melissa. Thank you x

Amy - 11 Juli 2020

Thank you for my reading you gave me so much hope and made me feel better. Very positive talk soon. xx

Monique - 8 Juli 2020

Very approachable, genuine, sympathetic

Ana - 27 Juni 2020

❤️ She is great! She picks up so well!

Cornell - 21 Juni 2020


Cornell - 21 Juni 2020

Shes very clear and gets the correct point across. I'll happily use her again x

Abigail - 19 Juni 2020

I like how she explains everything.

Meven - 14 Juni 2020

She right on everything the best reading ever.

Bianca - 12 Juni 2020

Everything she said he has already told me which was spot on

Sharon - 9 Juni 2020

Direct contact with Melissa