Accurate Medium, intuitively reads Tarot & Oracle cards

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Spiritual development
  • Break-up / relationship issues

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What can I do for you?

Do you have any questions regarding career, love, spirituality? Anything really. I can read and feel energies preferably through a photo. I channel messages from Spirit. Together we will find insight.

Gifts and methods:

  • Healer
  • Tarot cards
  • Photo reading
  • Medium
  • Oracle cards


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I read photo's
  • I feel your energy

About me

Thank you for your interest in me. I was inherited psychic gifts from my great-grandma. I use tarot and oracle cards as a tool to channel messages.

My method

Feel free to ask anything I am open to pretty much all questions.Through the tarot and oracle cards I can usually get answers pretty fast .I prefer to work with photos and D.o.b please it aids in really connecting.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic

Direct contact with Melissa

47 reviews

Thanks very much 😃 youre very enthusiastic x person with lovely name

S. - 19 Januari 2021

Melissa connected to my situation really well and gave me hope that things are going to turn out just fine. I look forward to speaking to you again 🥰

Jess - 14 Januari 2021

Oh I just love my chats with Melissa. I sound like a stuck record. But again she was spot on. It’s my talks with Melissa that keeps me so hopeful and strong. Thank you Melissa. This is why I keep coming back and having so many chats with you because I know it’s money well spent. Every penny.

Clair - 14 December 2020

What can I say. Melissa again was spot on. I have had several reading from Melissa and she is just right on target. With everything. I love talking to to her because she is spot on so I know if she says something it’s going to be right. She is so honest even though some things she tells me it hurts. But like I said. She is so spot on it’s scary. And absolutely wonderful. My chats with her about my relationship is what’s keeps me going. I don’t know how I can ever repay her for all her help. She do understand, has so much empathy and she has a wonderful gift that she uses to help people like me. Thank you Melissa is really do appreciate everything you do for me. 😘

Clair - 13 December 2020

Oh my goodness. Melissa did it again. She said he would call he did about 30 minutes after our chat. I can’t get over how spit on Melissa is. I have absolutely no idea how I can ever thank you for always being so honest with me and so helpful. Can’t wait to chat to you again.

Clair - 7 December 2020

I have had several readings with Melissa and I absolutely love talking with her. She has given me so much hope with regards to a personally difficult situation and I cannot wait to see if it all come true. Would definitely recommend and will definitely be back for another reading xxx

Aileen - 20 November 2020

Again Melissa was spot on. Said he would contact me 2days or 2 weeks on on day 2 I got messages from him. Wow, she is amazing.

Clair - 13 November 2020

Thank you Melissa. This was such a wonderful email reading and has helped me so much. I like the way you tell me about each card and what that means.I feel you’re spot on and really tuned into what’s going on right now. I will be back in the not too distant future for another reading!!! Xxx

Louise - 9 November 2020

Ohhh this was interesting💜

Lisa - 7 November 2020

Thank you very very much Melissa! This means a lot. Sorry, I could not continue. But will definitely come to you when I am able to buy the credits. I feel happy to have contacted you :)

Annoniem - 6 November 2020

Usher said he will contact me in 10 days to 10 weeks and on day 10 he unblocked me and reached out. Telling me he misses me.

Clair - 5 November 2020

Very kind and knee hat she was doing.

Ali - 27 Oktober 2020

Love chatting with Melissa.

Haley - 14 Oktober 2020

She was so warm and friendly.i could feel it and she takes her time to look into the issue and gives you a lot of feedback without generalizing at all.thank you.i will keep the faith

Sharon - 12 Oktober 2020

I just love her and will be talking with her again. As soon as I get more money! Lol

Jacquella - 11 Oktober 2020

Melissa has such a positive energy and leaves me with a warm and positive feeling after the reading. Thank you so much Melissa! x

Jasmine - 7 Oktober 2020

She was spot on during the free chat my phone went out on me and we couldn’t finish the chat.

Rebecca - 7 Oktober 2020

Excellent caring insightful wonderful

Jane - 27 September 2020

Melissa is a very pure, positive reader. She explained what she did and what she saw very well. The insights that she gave me aligned with what I was thinking, so that's good💫 I would recommend her!❤️

Yanna - 20 September 2020

Thank you so much. You are always very insightful, to the point, and very kind.

Deepa - 10 September 2020

She definitely tune in to the situation I was in and make prediction that was relieving to hear.

Vy - 9 September 2020

Melissa is very gifted in her work. She renders information with accuracy and she is pretty fast at giving you answers. It is always a pleasure consulting her.

Deepa - 8 September 2020

I really enjoyed chatting with Melissa. She drew tarot cards in answer to my questions and helped me to see what is going on with my poi.

Elisa - 7 September 2020

Very honest, nice, great vibes, and I enjoyed getting to know more. Sorry about it ending so soon but she was very helpful and gave me a lot of information.

Katelyn - 4 September 2020

Very honest, steaight to the point!!!! Straightened things I felt were right!!! I sure will be back for more❤️

Anna - 27 Augustus 2020

Brilliant very lovely lady insightful and accurate.

Sharon - 21 Augustus 2020

Found Melissa to be very open and honest. She knew details before I had to tell her. She is a definite go to in my books and will be chatting with her again in the future. Choose her you won't regret it.

JOYCE - 18 Augustus 2020

Melissa was very quick in responding knowing what was going on. I was pretty amazed at her skills. She was very to-the-point and detailed. Thank you!

Deepa - 17 Augustus 2020

Consulting Melissa was fabulous. She was clear and details that it was evident that she could express clear messages Thank you so much.

Deepa - 15 Augustus 2020

Absolutely Brill melissa knew alot about my situation and was so lovely in what she said I just wish my credits hadnt ran out I definitely will speak with her again x

Sharon - 12 Augustus 2020

Thank you for the clarification.

Fina - 10 Augustus 2020

Melissa was amazing and touched on things that I really needed answers on. She mentioned things that were very specific to my situation that I know could not be a general reading or "feeling". She was very transparent which is something I need when seeking answers. I could not thank her enough

Arianne - 7 Augustus 2020

Melissa was very friendly and I had the "feel good vibes"from her reading,which it was very positive and accurate,thanks!!

María - 5 Augustus 2020

I spoke to Melissa as I’m going through a bit of a rubbish time just now. She answered every question I had and I’ll definitely use her again x

Gemma - 5 Augustus 2020

I wish I had more time but I got most of what I needed, it felt good spiritually and I’m at peace. Thank you Melissa.

Adina - 5 Augustus 2020

Thank you Melissa for your reading. Everything you said made sense. Until next time.

Regina - 22 Juli 2020

I enjoyed this chat, Mellisa was calm. She confirmed some things that I already knew about good chat.

Molly - 22 Juli 2020

Love Melissa she’s right on point.

Bianca - 16 Juli 2020

Sorry we got cut short. Really enjoyed my reading with Melissa. Thank you x

Amy - 11 Juli 2020

Thank you for my reading you gave me so much hope and made me feel better. Very positive talk soon. xx

Monique - 8 Juli 2020

Very approachable, genuine, sympathetic

Ana - 27 Juni 2020

❤️ She is great! She picks up so well!

Cornell - 21 Juni 2020


Cornell - 21 Juni 2020

Shes very clear and gets the correct point across. I'll happily use her again x

Abigail - 19 Juni 2020

I like how she explains everything.

Meven - 14 Juni 2020

She right on everything the best reading ever.

Bianca - 12 Juni 2020

Everything she said he has already told me which was spot on

Sharon - 9 Juni 2020

Direct contact with Melissa