Psychic Medium Jan is honest, clear spot on!

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Spiritual development
  • General

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Gifts and methods:

  • Dream analysis
  • Reiki
  • Regression therapy
  • Relationship coach
  • Meditation


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Listen well
  • I feel your energy

About me

My name is Jan and I am a Psychic Medium. I have been working over 15 yrs and I am an empathic, honest reader. I will help to bring insight and clarity to your situation through my Spirit Guides, Tarot and loved ones. I have the ability to feel, sense, visualise which is given to me by a higher source, spirit.. One of my special gifts can help you with this through the ability to access your spiritual l My passion is to help people discover their "inner self" to create their ideal life and a self belief in all areas, such as : Relationships, Work Finance and more. I always work in truth, honest ,trust and positivity with in all my services. My passion is to help people discover their "inner self" to create their ideal life and a self belief in all areas, such as : Relationships, Work Finance and more. I also do Past Lives, Dream Interpretation. Reiki , Spiritual therapy. I look forward to helping you and all I need from you is to enjoy the experience.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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Direct contact with Jan

73 reviews

Dear Jan, Thank you for sharing your insights so accurately. I needed the clarification.

Deepa - 2 Mei 2021

I am convinced that Jan is a true psychic medium. She was spot on and could perceive key details, which amazed me. Thank you for sharing your insights.

Deepa - 29 April 2021

Thank you Jan for your guidance ✨

Joanne - 20 April 2021

Jan was excellent ! Absolutely spot on from the word go. Wow ! Just brilliant.

Dave - 9 April 2021

Very resureing

Rachel - 30 Maart 2021

Amazing Lady with great energy. Thank you

Kayleigh - 23 Maart 2021

Thank you so much for your reading and all your patience and guidance 💖💖💖 you are a really kind and lovely reader x

Stacie - 13 Maart 2021

Thankyou very helpful and informative great reading

Cathy - 18 Februari 2021

She gave me such a calming energy that made me feel great

Anna - 9 Februari 2021

Jan is an excellent and accurate reader!!!! Thank you very much!!!

SK - 29 Januari 2021

Jan is always very precise and direct . It is a pleasure to have a reading with her

Sara - 22 Januari 2021

Straightforward and no bs! Shes amazing, I love Jan's readings

Dakota - 22 Januari 2021

Brilliant as always Will be back for more soon Thank you Lovely lady and very spot on

Pam - 16 Januari 2021

Thank you so much

Jennifer - 16 Januari 2021

To the point!

Hafeni - 5 Januari 2021

Gave me some positive feedback and clarity I needed to hear that keeps me in positive and faith thinking

Sukhpreet - 22 December 2020

Thanks so much Jan for your warmth, kindness, care and predictions. I hope they come true, you have given me hope xx

Anna - 13 December 2020

I felt Jan connected with me immediately and was absolutely spot on about who I really am. Her advice has given me some things to really think about and work on. I am so glad that Jan was able to make sense of some things and clear up my confusion. I will be back!! Xo Thank you Jan I can’t express enough gratitude for what you have just been able to give me. Xo

Tee - 11 December 2020

She is amazing. I wish I had more funds to continue. SHE IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

Tesa - 18 November 2020

Thank you so much. I hope everything becomes fine.

Annoniem - 3 November 2020

Jan give me a prediction for a months time so time will tell, very good reading put my mind at ease about other things, just hope it comes true so I can get my answer.

Abby - 27 Oktober 2020

Jan was excellent. It was like she had known the whole scenario and we were having a two way conversation (which was in fact 3 way of course)

Richard - 15 Oktober 2020

Jan had great advice for me and contacted my dad who gave me advice through Jan. I feel a little better now knowing he is with me, thank you Jan, you have really helped like you wouldn't believe Xx

Theresa - 18 September 2020

I felt Jan was fast in her answers. This is the first time, I have used this service. Will be back when prediction come ture.

Maria - 11 September 2020

Spot on in answering my questions. Very clear and inspiring.

Erika - 10 September 2020

Very accurate 👌 would definitely recommend, just said everything I was thinking about

Fiona - 30 Augustus 2020

Straightforward and honest. Thank you. Will call again x

Uzma - 27 Augustus 2020

Jan made a prediction for me a few months back that recently came to pass. I came to Jan with some doubts and she put my mind at rest :) thank you.

Amy - 18 Augustus 2020

Amazingly accurate reading with Jan ! She told me things that blew my mind awayy ! She has a powerful gift and a fun and amazing personality. It's like talking to a friend who predicts the future for you ! Hoping your predictions come true ! Much love 🌺

Eden - 12 Augustus 2020

She made me feel better. I hope what she told me turns out for the best.

Veronica-Anne - 20 Juli 2020

Although quick reading i found it very good and gained quite a bit of information in a short time.

Claire - 5 Juli 2020

Seemed to be on point with what is happening with me. Looking foward to seeing where it goes.

Kanoie - 30 Juni 2020

Jan was amazing at what she did and the advice she gave ! I feel like she was genuinely concerned with how I felt , and that in itself was amazing would highly recomment

Cheyene - 30 Juni 2020

Wonderful, clear, warm friendly support and conversation with great insight.

Sarah - 28 Juni 2020

Very helpful lady and even suggested a book I should read.

Jo - 28 Juni 2020

She really got the point and gave me good advices.

Jessica - 22 Juni 2020

Really enjoyed my reading with jan will definitely be booking in for a longer session when i have the money x

Emma - 22 Juni 2020

Very good reading very happy

Tara - 22 Juni 2020

She picked up on my situation immediately and I was really satisfied with the reading. Thank you and god bless

Noora - 22 Juni 2020

Brilliant spot on.

Karen - 18 Juni 2020

She was nice, but wish I had more time to talk to her and did put more

Shereene - 12 Juni 2020

She was absolutely amazing and really helped me decide what I need to do

Sarah - 11 Juni 2020

I was very pleased about all advice and knowledge. I felt much better after are conversation!

Lucie - 9 Juni 2020

Dear Jan, thank you for your insight and providing me with direction, put things into perspective, a very wise reader!

Naomi - 9 Juni 2020

Advised me with some tips and was a great chat.

Sophie - 9 Juni 2020

She was very kind and accurate. I feel like I could talk to her all. Really wish I had more time with her but limited funds won’t allow for it. Thanks for the wonderful message Jan

Trina - 8 Juni 2020

The best..Very accurate and clear

Angelina - 7 Juni 2020

I am going through a sad time in my life and it's the only time I am ok when I am connecting with him,she helped me

Diane - 5 Juni 2020

Jan was lovely to speak with, she made a lot of sense with her answers to my questions, and gave me some lovely tips on how to move forward.

Laura - 4 Juni 2020

Thank you. You have given me a lot of re assurance .

Jan - 1 Juni 2020

Was really shocked about what she told me but i kind knew about it. Thank you very much.

Prescillia - 30 Mei 2020

It was helpful in the fact of seeing things from a different perspective and knowing my role in the situation and where I can improve to maybe help makes things better, and to understand that it isn't just all on one person.

Shannon - 29 Mei 2020

I enjoyed my free 3:30 free reading I just hope it comes true

Tara - 29 Mei 2020

Jan was really supportive and good to talk to. Very accurate too.

Victoria - 27 Mei 2020

I found Jan very good, she was spot on with a lot of thing's, and she seemed very friendly.

Monique - 26 Mei 2020

Very good and quick at picking up my reason for calling everything think was 💯 correct l ran out of credit so couldn't finish but in small amount of time was 👌.

Elizabeth - 24 Mei 2020

She is perfect. She told.told.me about me not the other way round will be definitely coming back in the near future

Molly - 24 Mei 2020

Have never contacted anyone in this manner before so cannot compare. Was quite satisfied with what she said and will be talking to her again, hopefully, Adele

Adele - 19 Mei 2020

Lovely soul, Jan. Very kind, very accurate, very comforting. God bless you

Marta - 17 Mei 2020

Absolutely Brilliant

Monica - 14 Mei 2020

The chat with Jan was incredible. I said to her during the chat how eerie it was at how spot on she was with everything. She is an incredible reader. Thank you for the reading. And I am sorry it ended abruptly, the credit ended. But thank you, it was so helpful. Xx

Amy - 8 Mei 2020

Considering that I’m in Australia I feel that even the distance between the readers and I where no problem for them to pinpoint some pretty accurate answers for me, I feel that the two different lady’s that I chatted with were very open and even though it was only a quick session I received some very enlightening information that I needed I thankyou very much and would recommend this chat site to my friends 😁

Nicole - 8 Mei 2020

Asked what I was wanted answering. Gave moren details when asked. Gave an accurate reading.

Kim - 6 Mei 2020

Spot on information!

Kelly - 6 Mei 2020

Such a kind lady. Told me how it was. Really enjoyed my reading!

Laura - 5 Mei 2020

Excellent reading ! Got lot of details !

Sowmya - 28 April 2020

Jan is amazing she was spot on n gave me so much guidance highly recommend her worth the time n money chatting to this lady

Claire - 27 April 2020

It was great!

Katie - 25 April 2020

Jan is very good at sensing the situation and offering an objective advice. She seems to be a lovely and caring person that wants what’s best for their client. I honestly felt like talking to an friend as there was so much warmth in the conversation. Thank you so much! Xx

Claudia - 24 April 2020

Love her she was amazing

Rebecca - 20 April 2020

Lovely lady was very helpful, I look forward to the future!

Kelly - 19 April 2020


Zoe - 2 April 2020

Was so lovely to speak to Jan, very lovely n polite lady and was very helpful!

Sarah - 31 Maart 2020

Direct contact with Jan