Raising you up with insight from Spirit.

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Contact with loved ones in Spirit
  • Spiritual development

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What can I do for you?

Do you have questions about life, your path and the people on it? Do you wonder if someone who has passed is helping you? Seeing things out of the corner of your eye? I want to help. I work from the energy of the person I'm reading for then will be given information or images to work with. You can send a relevant photo via the messaging system here if you need to. I'd love to help you step into your own power for you to find your best way forward.

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Healer
  • Lightworker
  • Psychic
  • Medium


  • Kind
  • I give advice
  • I feel your loved ones in Spirit

About me

Thanks for looking at my profile. I've been aware of Spirit for most of my life. In the past few years, I have been working as a psychic medium at a Spiritualist church in Sheffield and chair their circles twice a week. The church has been closed since lockdown in March 2020 and I have recently felt called to start working in new ways. This has led me to Mediumchat who is the most thorough of the websites I looked into in quite some way.

My method

You are welcome to ask about a range of topics or for a general reading. Let's talk about it so I can hear you, understand and focus in. There's no judgement here. Spirit want to give what is needed so they make take things in other different directions as well as your question. They want to help you create your best life. I'd love the chance to bring upliftment, peace, and insight from Spirit to help you realize the power you have to make your world better.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic

Direct contact with Robin

38 reviews

Thankyou for this support with kind insights made much sense would recommend.

Nicola - 21 Mei 2022

I couldn't praise him enough! He gave me clarity and helped with the questions I asked and to understand what was going on. His approach is gentle and with kindness. Thank you Robin.

Ruhena - 12 Mei 2022

Excellent , spot on 👍

Hina - 11 April 2022

He is always excellent. Highly recommend him.

Anwesha - 13 Maart 2022

Thank you Robin! It was a great chat and very useful with lots of insights:)

Maria - 24 Februari 2022

It was an excellent reading thank you for connecting me with my mother you were very accurate!

Anil - 15 December 2021

Very on point. Have trusted Robin before and returned again xx Thank you I hope my friend realises my worth.

Nesha - 21 November 2021

Highly intuitive and exact. He read my ex’s situation on point. So impressed - would message Robin again.

Nesha - 1 November 2021

Very good reading as always. Thank you!

Angela - 24 Oktober 2021

This man deserves more reviews he was so accurate it blew me away! He knew a lot of things in my life that I didn’t even ask about

Kirsten - 15 Augustus 2021

Robin was really good helped me with something I needed to know, thank you

Sue - 8 Augustus 2021

My first reading & it was to connect with my partner who I had lost. Robin picked up it was sudden & explained it without me saying a thing. He also gave me an image that was just like him & described his personality. A few things didn’t resonate but on the whole I truly feel he connected me to Paul 🙏🏼

Janine - 30 Juli 2021

Robin thank you so much for helping me to find a constructive way forwards with my situation. I will take your advice. The things you told me really made sense in relation to the other person’s behaviour. Hopefully I can make some headway with this.

Amy - 29 Juli 2021

Loved speaking with Robin he brought a lot of stuff to light with clarity. Would love to have more chats with him Highly recommend

Carolynne - 25 Juli 2021

Such an amazing reading - the description of my uncle could be no one else it was so spot on. It has helped me focus during a difficult time so many many thanks Robin.

Angela - 18 Juli 2021

Robin is very good! He picked up on some things that I didn't even tell him. Very quick, warm and friendly as well

Melissa - 30 Juni 2021

Very quick and to the point

Gabriele - 20 Juni 2021

Nice reading, thank you

Natalia - 12 Juni 2021

Thank you Robin. You’re very good.

Chantelle - 12 Juni 2021

I had an excellent, insightful reading with Robin and I can not recommend him highly enough. He tuned in to my situation very quickly and picked up on issues we are facing with no information from me - some of the links he picked up on were mind blowing. So thank you and I will be back!

Angela - 19 Mei 2021

Robin is very intuitive. He was spot on in detail regarding my situation! I loved his pacing and gentle, yet laser sharp accuracy. Thank you, Robin!❤

Holly - 19 Maart 2021

I my Iaptos was keyboard for sticking. typing proved. thorough reading

Mo - 3 Maart 2021

A lovely person, very accurate looking forward to having a longer reading with him

Karen - 19 Februari 2021

What a nice chat with Robin. He's kind and has a warm energy. Thank you Robin for this chat.

Sunny - 14 Februari 2021

Robin have a very positive reading and picked up on things without me saying anything .I would recommend him very happy with our session thanks

Jonathan - 2 Februari 2021

Made me feel so much comfort. Such a genuine lovely guy with a lot of advice to also give out. Enjoyed our chat became addicted and didn’t want to leave. Thank you so much!!

Rebecca - 2 Februari 2021

Robin js an amazing reader!! Very accurate and non-judgemental!! Spot on with every detail!! Thank you!!!

SK - 1 Februari 2021

He was spot on! I really liked his style of reading, very calm and polite. He didn't make me anxious. He calmed me down but didn't refrain from saying truth in a calming manner. Really appreciate it. I will chat more soon.

Anuradha - 31 Januari 2021

Loved chatting with Robin, being intuitive myself i feel sometimes blinded spiritually by my emotions...a few words with Robin confirmed i was on the right track. Overthinking things often get the best of me so speaking with this sweet soul was well worth it Thankyou! 🙏🏾

Sistazfitness - 30 Januari 2021

Amazing man! He was spot on thank you very much

Naile - 26 Januari 2021

It was nice to speak to a authentic human. I feel like he really connected with my energy. Thank you for the reading.

Deana - 21 Januari 2021

good chat 

Lolo - 14 Januari 2021

Just wanted to say thank you, it was really uplifting. Robin was as thorough as he could be with time allowance.

Stacey - 13 Januari 2021

Such a lovely person and accurate in what he does! Thank you so much

Reena - 13 Januari 2021

Would like to thank Robin

Dijana - 11 Januari 2021

He was on point

Amy - 11 Januari 2021

Talking to Robin was inspirations and uplifting. Thank you!

Deepa - 6 Januari 2021

Thourogh, able to pick what is happening. Thank you

Mo - 31 December 2020

Direct contact with Robin