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Do you have questions about your love life, career, important choices in life? If you are craving that extra illumination, then my gifts from Divine Source, will help add some color into those gray areas. It's time to step into your own light and I am thrilled to share your highest and greatest pathway forward. We are all experiencing an Earth memory and with our freewill, we are more in control than imagined with endless possibilities. You are ready and it's time live your best lifetime.XO

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About me

Thank you for your interest in me. My medium, clairvoyant gifts were first verbalized at 5yrs old. My favorite uncle lost his life that same morning. Unaware of his death, my words brought my family much healing and peace. My purpose and mission in this lifetime, is to help others through the aid of my gift. Whether it's to find answers or add insight to those shady areas in your life, my intent is always for YOUR highest and greatest good.

My method

Feel free to ask me anything and I will be authentic and honest on the isights received for good or for better. We are only human and our main mission in life is to experience. Our experiences good or not, are the tools needed in order to remember our truth. We are all divine light and love is what's real and rides along in our continuous journey in the now. So get ready my loves for a positive experience.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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49 reviews

A great energy to be around. Highly recommend

Anna - 3 Juni 2021

Sandra is very accurate and kind. She was on spot, I would come for another reading and I recommend her to everyone. Thank you Sandra and I would really appreciate if you can inbox me the answer to my last question xx

Manpreet - 4 Mei 2021

Thank you Sandra that reading was very empowering

Maria - 31 Maart 2021

Inspiring reading with Sandra today! I was able to thank her for her brilliant predictions which have come true and thank her for her guidance. Great to connect with loved ones by name too! Fantastic - thank you xxx

Angela - 30 Maart 2021

Thank you 😊

Heather - 23 Maart 2021

Hi there my dear Sandra:) please do inbox me whatever else message I was supposed to know. So I was saying me and my gal:) remember, are as I was told before watched over by same angels. Any way thank you so much I was ever so grateful to hear from my ancestor. I cherish her blessings. I dont know which granny she is but if she is great granny from fathers side, I then know who she is. Much love and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 19 Maart 2021

Sandra was dot on and I wish I hadn't run out of credits.Put my mind at rest.

Tess - 18 Maart 2021

I wanna thank her the message from my future mother in law!!! I’m glad she happy with me!!!

Shauntae - 16 Maart 2021

Sandra was amazing - quick accurate connection - validations and lovely messages - looking forward to see what happens! Thank you so much 😊

Angela - 15 Maart 2021

Fantastic Sandra, so accurate 😂🤣

Nicola - 12 Maart 2021

Sandra gave me a really amazing reading and brought me a lot of joy and closure on things. Will defo use her again

Maria - 11 Maart 2021

I had a brilliant reading from Sandra. She tuned in straight away to my questions with validations and put my mind at rest. Excellent - thank you!

Angela - 26 Februari 2021

She was very pleasant and alot of what she said really rang true.

Aimee - 22 Februari 2021

amazed how sandra could tell me so much about my mum, such as she wore a business suit for work, her favourite colour x

Julie - 18 Februari 2021

I was very happy and it helped

Caroline - 18 Februari 2021

Everything was spot on.

Laura - 17 Februari 2021

Thank you for wonderful reading:):)  Much love and gratitude Akheel

Akheel - 6 Februari 2021

I’ve had 2 very good readings of Sandra now! I didn’t mean to have them so close together ( like 3 days apart) I was drawn to her again, and I’m glad I was because she was amazing, both times, really recommend her and will definitely be coming back

Jess - 5 Februari 2021

I needed answers and she connected with my love ones. Thank you 🙏🏽

Carmen - 4 Februari 2021

Sandra tries to keep my feet in the ground. I appreciate her so much. I have cried and I have listened. Thank you

Carmen - 3 Februari 2021

Wow! I have goosebumps

Sam - 2 Februari 2021

This sounds like my sisters grandmother on her mums side her daughter is naned willow moon my sister is 4th child if I'm included as I'm not blood to grandmother my sister had new baby n I had kitten She always said I love u to the moon This lady is full of love n sees only beauty in us all

Kerry - 1 Februari 2021

As always Sandra gives me the correct insight needed at any given time. You are amazing and i feel blessed to have Sandra read for me ❤️

Kelly - 28 Januari 2021

Thank you Sandra.

Carmen - 19 Januari 2021

Accurate, fast and such a warm person. Thank you 🤍

Fatima - 17 Januari 2021

Beautiful warm amazing

Sam - 16 Januari 2021

I feel so much better after talking with her. She really resonated with what I was going through! 🥰

Jenny - 13 Januari 2021

Sandra is like talking to an old friend. She was very accurate and was so warm to talk to. She even sent another message after time was up. Definitely will be back to chat again!

Melissa - 12 Januari 2021

Had good reading with Sandra, I recommend Sandra as I will be back again

Michelle - 11 Januari 2021

Sandra is amazing and I was absolutely blown away with what she told me.....WOW, very quick at typing and did not need prompting at all, one of the very best on medium chat, she even sent a private message after our chat as I ran out of credits (sorry Sandra I couldn't open it) but that was such a kind thing to do, Thank you again and will chat again for sure xxxx

Joanne - 10 Januari 2021

Wow😊 Sandra. It was lovely connecting with you. Your amazing energy is so great. Thank you so much that was a beautiful read. Much love and light. Akheel

Akheel - 5 Januari 2021

Thank you, you are an angel x

Stacie - 4 Januari 2021

Thank you so much for your reading and kindness ❤️ ❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Stacie - 4 Januari 2021

Amazing she’s so accurate ! Thank you so much for helping me

Monika - 4 Januari 2021

I got a lovely vibe from this lady and will likely consult her in the future.

Frank - 4 Januari 2021

I can't say enough about Sandra. I felt so comfortable chatting with her. She was so accurate with my situation. I will definitely come back to her. Thank you 😊 💓

Evelyn - 3 Januari 2021

Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. I actually feel that I can see the wood for the trees. And thank you for you extra message. Means the world to me xxx I will come back and give you an update xxx

JJ - 3 Januari 2021

She was accurate, kind and compassionate but realistic too didn’t sugarcoat anything. Thank you 🥰

Kirsten - 2 Januari 2021

Sandra was great, she picked up my profession straight away and told me what I had to look forward to. Lovely lady xx

Lauren - 2 Januari 2021

She talk about my boyfriends mother!! I’m in tears and in shock and happy!!!

Shauntae - 2 Januari 2021

Sandra was so on point with my situation. A pleasure to chat with her!

Ashley - 2 Januari 2021

She was very gentle with me. The cards she had pulled made sense. Thank you very much!

Lina - 30 December 2020

Thank you Sandra for your reading , honestly im amazed on how u picked up so much ..definitely wont be the last time im chatting to you xxx

Jelena - 30 December 2020

I must say I was blown away with the details. Even where I lived and whilst I was out with my daughter the other day. You described this so well. The validations were spot on. The past events were accurate and I will remain in hope for the outcome. Looking up. Such a kind lady. Thank you

Lilly - 29 December 2020

Thank you very much 💖 you are kind im sorry i couldn't top up as i had to go to work x

Stacie - 22 December 2020

Sandra was spot on unbelievable the stuff she knew definitely recommended 👌

Danni - 22 December 2020

Sandra just have the best reading I’ve had.I wish I had longer.she brought messages and evidence through that were spot on and she was truly amazing.It meant so much to xx

Trudi - 21 December 2020

Just wow is all I can say... I'm blown away ♡

Francesca - 15 December 2020

Lovely lady to chat to.

Sarah - 13 December 2020

Direct contact with Sandra