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  • Love and relationship questions
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What can I do for you?

I can answer the deepest questions of your unconscious mind by my ability of sensing the messages that dream carry with themselves. I use my inner voice and mental clearness to achieve answers, that maybe others can't provide you. By reading a picture of a loved one who you want to know more about, I use my universal life force energy, to penetrate the individual's deepest thoughts, regarding people or situations. I can provide answers about their character, intent, personality, genuine being.

Gifts and methods:

  • Dream analysis
  • Reader
  • Photo reading
  • Life coach
  • Love coach


  • Detailed
  • I read photo's
  • Giving practical tips

About me

Welcome! Let us thank the Universe for guiding you to me. I feel blessed to help you. I am a dream reader, dream interpreter and photograph reader. I am gifted by birth, but I took my abilities seriously in the last 7 years, when I started my spiritual journey. This road took me to this amazing platform, Mediumchat, where I am able to provide you guidance, information, advice and peace, beyond our conscious physical world.

My method

I use my inner voice for dream related guidance and information providing. Every dream is different and every dreamer is distinct. Your dream readings and interpretations will be individual and unique. I need the smallest details you can remember of a dream, even if it seems unrelated or nonsense. Everything we dream of carries a specific message. For photograph readings, I need a good quality picture of the person you are asking about, without any social media filters.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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26 reviews

This was my second chat with Sandy and I was amazed with what she told me, again, she didn't need prompting at all. She is obviously very gifted and told me things that were spot on. Sorry if I bombarded you with questions at once, you were very understanding and kind so thank you. Hope what you said is true, thank you for cheering me up xxx

Joanne - 18 November 2020

Connected very quickly and was very much on point ! Ill def go back to Sandy ! Gave mr the info i needed to know in 9 mins ! WOW

Lara - 5 November 2020

Thank you very very much Sandy for this insight. It was spot on. I will definitely get back to you once my financial troubles are sorted. I really wanted to be hopeful about my relationship. Thank you very much!

Annoniem - 2 November 2020

Sandy is absolutely amazing and gifted. I’ve had a couple of readings with her now and both have been so accurate, everything she has predicted has now happened. I will definitely contact Sandy in the near future for future readings Thank you so much ☺️🥰

Danielle - 13 Oktober 2020

Sandy was spot on with my situation and gave great insight. Thank you.

Lucy - 13 Augustus 2020

Thank you sooo much I appreciate you

Travena - 2 Augustus 2020

Sandy is so lovely and tunes in really quickly and accurately to my situation. She is full of positivity and kindness, thank you! ❤️

Dawn - 26 Juli 2020

Sandy was absolutely fantastic. She has a light energy she is a fun and witty in her words. She is straightforward without being too harsh if that makes sense. She answers all of your questions and she does not "best around the bush." I like her. I will definitely used her as my go too.

Tuwana - 13 Juli 2020

Thank you Sandy. Talk soon. xx

Monique - 4 Juli 2020

I bombarded her with so many questions and she answered them so accurately to my situation without me telling her any previous details as well as having fast replies. She went onto a lot of detail that still remained accurate and I cannot wait to see how much of what she said about the future is true :)) I’ll keep you posted.

Georgina - 20 Juni 2020

Sandy is brilliant she was spot on and gave me great hope. I hope what she predicted comes true. Thank you.x

Monique - 20 Juni 2020

Love Sandy. Really accurate. ⭐️

Cornell - 14 Juni 2020

Sandy is also very accurate with her readings & is also happy to look further into a situation for me. Hasn’t been wrong yet. Wish she was online more often tho

Sara - 3 Juni 2020

Big thank you to Sandy to clear answers and make more easier my life She is awesome

Erika - 3 Juni 2020

Thank you Sandy I’m happy with a reading and surprised how accurate some information you told. Definitely will contact u again!

Erika - 2 Juni 2020

Had a lovely reading with sandy, she got everything spot on, and made me feel at ease with my situation , will definitely be back for another reading with her

Michelle - 26 Mei 2020

She’s a amazing thank you ❤️❤️

Claire - 12 Mei 2020

Thank you! A natural born medium. Thank you so much.

Cornell - 9 Mei 2020

She is amazing! Thank you so much. You pick up so many details corresponds wish advisors from other sites that I trust.

Cornell - 9 Mei 2020

Thankyou so much Sandy for your insight.

Cat - 6 Mei 2020

She was spot on. She knew what happened to my late brother. My past without telling her. Everything was spot on.

Molly - 4 Mei 2020

Amazing! Spot on in everything she said! Thankyou! X

Ashley - 4 Mei 2020

Everything she advised I felt myself but she was able to confirm for me I was on the right track. She is amazing 💜

Evelyn - 4 Mei 2020

Picked up on my situation. Made some predictions which I hope come true . Enjoyed my reading would recommend.

Laura - 4 Mei 2020

Thank you! You have really helped me out. Now I know what to expect. Thanks for the insight.

Alexis - 2 Mei 2020

Seemed to know what to do, really helpful

Leigh - 1 Mei 2020

Direct contact with Sandy

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