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  • Love and relationship questions
  • Break-up / relationship issues
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Do you have a burning question you want to get insight and answers to? When will I meet the one? Is my current partner long term partner? When will I earn more money? Should I move it when will I move? When will my twin flame leave his karmic? What's my purpose in life?

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About me

Hi I’m sofia a natural born prophet level psychic, I am an empath, earth Angel and shamanic healer. I am empowerment coach, mindset and transformation expert. I also see past lives clearing past life karma plus I’m a twin flame in union. I give extremely accurate psychic guidance. My grandma saw spirit, my mum has psychic dreams , we both connect to angels and my son is psychic so it runs in my family. I have been a Romany gypsy fortune teller In a past life and a shaman 3 timeshare. I connect through reading your energy and I get told information by the divine, my spirit guides and my beloved angels I tell you the truth but I’m a kind, uplifting way and have been giving accurate readings for over 3 years. I actually activate a& unlock psychic and healing gifts in others so I’m I’m very advanced and a mentor level. Clients have been shocked at my accuracy! I’m here to give you honest guidance, helping you get clarity and give you hope in dark times when all seems lost. I see, hear and fell things and I can Pass on messages from loved ones passed if they come through. I want you to feel positive, get clarity and feel happier when you come of a messy with me. I naturally give off a healing energy once I connect with someone’s energy too Looking forward to connecting with you Lots of love Sofia ❤️

My method

I don't judge! Please ask me questions you have on any topic and I will.guve you psychic guidance or coaching on how to overcome. Here to help you, I tap into energy something I also teach so I give you the best guidance I can offer as quickly as type. I do pull dome angel card but I see and and get told lots of information so know you are in great hands xxx


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* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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