My Specialties:

  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • Love and relationship questions
  • Personal development

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What can I do for you?

My readings center on connecting with your energy and the energy of your surroundings to help you understand not only the energy that is affecting you but also how your energy is participating in your situation. Once you see how the energy is affecting you as well as how you are participating in it you will be able to see how you can change your energy to affect your situation for a positive outcome. I primarily use the energy of Runes but will use various tools including Tarot and crystals depending on what your needs are. I also do dream interpretation and astrology readings.

Gifts and methods:

  • Dream analysis
  • Tarot cards
  • Psychic
  • Rune stones
  • Energetic therapy


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Listen well
  • I feel your energy

About me

Thank you for your interest! I have been an empath my entire life and once I discovered my ability to feel the emotions and energy of others I began studying to develop these skills further. I have been on my spiritual advising journey for over 20 years and have been helping my clients in a face to face as well as a phone setting. I was ordained as a Norse Gythia in 2015 and have since been conducting monthly ceremonies, study classes and empowerment groups since then.

My method

I am open to all questions so you are welcome to call me if you have a specific question but know that the Runes read the energy around you and will tell you what you "need to be aware of" as well as what you think you want to know. Many of my clients bring one specific question to our reading and find that the runes provide more information about their situation than just the answer to that one question because other energies may be affected by that specific situation. If you do have a specific question about a person, it is helpful for me to tune into their energy if you can provide me a picture of that person but not necessary.


Not available

* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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49 reviews

She was really on point with a lot of stuff. I just didn’t like how it wouldn’t let me email the reading.

Shalondastallworth - 24 Juni 2022

Very good and very understanding

Louise - 10 Juni 2022

Very accurate & I didn't give many details.

Michelle - 21 Mei 2022

Thank you for this reading.. when I have more credits I would love to continue, I wish I could have received the last message you were sending but run out of time. Everything you said was absolutely true. Thank you so much πŸ’“

Emma - 14 Mei 2022

Wendy is wonderful. She remembers you and is so caring and insightful.

Emma - 5 Mei 2022

oh my - simply amazing -wendy knew so much without much input from me thanks for the reassurance

Greta - 29 April 2022

Excellent reader very accurate an honest caring an spiritual I lived the whole interaction.

Kelliefennelly39 - 23 April 2022

Awwh Wendy,I'm am learning heaps as always, thank you so much for everything and your guidance and support means so much ❀️

Annabel - 13 April 2022

Wendy you disappeared before I could finish but I think I exhausted you sorry. Thank you for your insight and I hope to chat again soon to get more answers to my questions. Thank you πŸ™πŸΌ

Justine - 2 April 2022

Spot on and accurate will definitely be back, highly recommended x very good!

Danni - 31 Maart 2022

Dear Wendy, thank you for sharing your valuable messages. Unfortunately I had to cut off the conversation due to technical work being done in my house. I was called by the technician. I will get back to you later when you are there. Blessings and love & light to you and yours...

Deepa - 26 Maart 2022

Wendy is amazing reader...spot on detailed..things have come to pass with this beautiful lady..have had several readings by her...Thanks Wendy

Jody - 19 Maart 2022

Wendy was awesome like she picked up things I didn't even tell her amazing reader amazing thank you so much

Jody - 3 Maart 2022

Had my first reading with Wendy, without any information it was like she knew me personally and was able to tell me what I had experienced in the past, something only my close friends and family know. When I re-read my reading I could not believe how accurate she was. She gave so much information and never asked any questions.

Francine - 16 Februari 2022

Ms Wendy was right on

Mary - 13 Februari 2022

Wendy is terrific words can’t even describe how thankful I am . She was able to help me so much and a matter of seconds. Please have a chat with her truly gifted and wise , thank you so much .

Justice - 31 Januari 2022

Thank you so much for the chat today. I was feeling pretty good before but now I'm over the moon. You really know where I am with all this and you are completely right...I can feel it as well.

Sandra - 31 Januari 2022

She was lovely an accurate x

Kelliefennelly39 - 25 Januari 2022

Thank you so much Wendy, I'm reflecting on our readings but read again to process.Thank you for guiding me through these merky Waters with unstanding, empathy and wisdom xx

Annabel - 24 Januari 2022

Wendy is helping me through a very difficult time, thank you so much for everything do far, chat soon with love A xx

Annabel - 18 Januari 2022

Very accurate reading from a lovely lady

Joycelyn - 18 Januari 2022

Wendy reading s are amazing,she helping me so much with puzzle,I'm learning heaps and growing in personal development,oh read about Russia and Ukraine that's interesting

Annabel - 17 Januari 2022

Awwh Wendy, thank you so much for everything,it did get better,I spoke with young office guy and he has set out a plan, I nearly finished compliance for job.I checked with mum and she got letter as well so checked with my friends and I don't need to do anything more, contact London nothing at all, bird flu is here again and our area is under surveillance another one of that psychic prediction many moons ago.So soldier on and hope to budget to chat with you regularly , take care A πŸ’πŸ˜Šβ€οΈπŸ’•πŸŒΈπŸ₯°

Annabel - 12 Januari 2022

Thank you so much for everything so far Wendy,the agency said thanks but suggested I forwarded it onto relevant agency if you get my drift .

Annabel - 11 Januari 2022

Wow Wendy, amazing readings I'm going to miss you when I go back to work so hope your on here in the evenings,I'm learning heaps thank you and loads of reflections, take care until maybe tomorrow xxπŸ’

Annabel - 11 Januari 2022

thank you Wendy for the chat, i feel like you enlightened me to whats ahead. i have two paths i could, take each is a test. i really related to the way u spoke to me, your really kind and caring person. i'm sorry i ran out of credits before we could finish our chat but i will hopefully and happily speak to you again soon x

Angela - 6 Januari 2022

Wow wow I'm learning heaps and you know that symbol of four legged friend that's also picture in hills of county,wow thank you Wendy

Annabel - 5 Januari 2022

Wendy so amazing,we have such a special connection, thank you so much ,catch up soon

Annabel - 3 Januari 2022

Thanks Wendy, this was a really enlightening chat. I can definitely recommend Wendy, she will give you lots of information in the time you have. She really genuinely picks up your energy and can tell you things that only you know. Very kind reader too.

Amy - 31 December 2021

Amazing, wow, brilliant I cannot think of anymore major positive responses,just incredible and gifted,I wished I had come to you sooner tbh,chat soon I hope, take care A

Annabel - 29 December 2021

Wendy picked up on the situation straight away thanks wendy

Clare - 28 December 2021

A lovely reading again and gave lots of reassurance thank u Wendyxxx

Julie - 29 November 2021

This lady is a beautiful soul,iv spoke to a few people on here and she is the real deal completely knew what she was on about thatI didn’t even need to ask any questions she knew straight away and boy she was on point like she knew me personally,please have a reading with her you will not be disappointed I promise,her abilities are out of this world she truly is an earth angel,god bless you sister β€οΈπŸ™πŸ»πŸ˜‡

Lisa - 19 November 2021

Very accurate

Benedicta - 24 Oktober 2021

Dear Wendy, thank you again for your words of clarity and truth,..

Deepa - 24 September 2021

Dear Wendy, thank you so much for sharing your insights and words of wisdom. They gave me a lot of positive energy and peace. I understand everything better today. But I am happy to know where I am, and all is good and fair...

Deepa - 24 September 2021

She confirmed what I already felt. She gave me hope to not be so hesitant.

Paula - 20 September 2021

Wendy was wonderful, really warm and helpful. Thank you x

Emma - 15 September 2021

Dear Wendy, talking to you has been like swimming in an ocean of knowledge and being exposed to the energy of the clear blue sky that lets us see and perceive the reality or truth. I benefited greatly from talking to you, and now I feel empowered to see with more clarity whatever I knew before as well. I feel I am now in a place of peace, knowledge, and healing. I see my life before me with much more clarity and faith in the good and holy. May you be blessed with much healing and success in every way. Love, Deepa

Deepa - 14 September 2021

Wow that was incredibly awesome. Everything Wendy picked up was so accurate. I gave her very little information and she could read the whole story. Thank you Wendy for your encouragement and honesty in what is a very difficult situation. I will be back to chat soon. πŸ’•πŸ’•

Justine - 10 September 2021

Spectacular! Wendy knew what I needed before I even spoke. A gifted psychic and I am beyond grateful. Thank you.

Ryan - 6 September 2021

Wendy made me feel so good. I was so down and she lifted my spirits. She gave me great insight about myself! Look forward speaking with her again.

Danielle - 3 September 2021

I was drawn to her!!! She confirmed something I needed to know! She’s πŸ’― give her a try!

Shauntae - 1 September 2021

Amazingly accurate! Didn't have to say much to her and a very fast typer too. Will come back when I have more time! ❀

Melissa - 29 Augustus 2021

She answered what I needed to hear

Tammy - 24 Augustus 2021

Absolutely brilliant. Wendy types really fast and gives you loads of useful information. You can tell that she just gets it when you’re talking to her. She’s fab! Thanks Wendy :)

Amy - 12 Augustus 2021

Thank you for giving me insight on my current situation.

Amanda - 12 Augustus 2021

Even thou we had little time to speak - she really tuned into my energy and provided a great insight into my career path and the direction I’m trying to head in. Wendy reconfirmed what I have been wanting. Thank you

Aicha - 12 Augustus 2021

Thanks a lot Wendy, you connected very well to my situation and it was great talking with you. I will for sure come back! ❀️

Naomie - 10 Augustus 2021

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