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Psychic sofa Reviewed

Psychic Sofa is a family of psychic readers gifted with the ability to tell the future through angel cards and astrology. The service is ready to take anyone on a journey with a very welcoming message “Discover Your Future, Release Your Past”.
“Psychic news” is a cool feature that gives an indepth look into the star signs and who they are compatible with. What is most loved is the breakdown of the star sign perfect match, who to avoid and an option to know when one would find true love by speaking to one of psychic light’s gifted readers.

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Looking for alternative for Psychic sofa, checkout mediumchat:


Profielfoto van Medium Romy
English speaking psychic
Test headline
  • Family & friends
  • Love and relationship questions

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Profielfoto van Medium Diana
English speaking psychic
Can help you at any aspect of life you seek help with
  • Career / Financial
  • Spiritual development
  • Family & friends

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Profielfoto van Medium Jeffrey
English speaking psychic
Test headline
  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • Family & friends

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Psychic sofa lauren, misty and willow are great

It is amazing to see that there are available options to pay by phone bill where people are in charge of the call length, prepay-minutes where 20 minutes costs £30 plus an extra bonus of 10 free minutes is given for more than forty minutes call and the last option to pay via credit card.
Looking at the website, one would beg to ask the question, “Is Psychic light just for women?” A male psychic reader should be added to the list of available readers for balance and more options for people.
It looks like there are also a few available readers. Room should be created to add more readers for choice and increase the number of sign ups.
Another exciting service would be the gift vouchers. A special opportunity to surprise a loved one with a gift of a psychic telephone reading for different amount of minutes. It is a unique way to gift a friend who may need help in what direction to take in life.
Something noticed is that the option to have video calls was not added. This could be a way to carve a niche in the psychic reading industry. The customer feedback option makes for increased confidence in the services of psychic Sofa.
It is impressive that there is a very explanatory about section that gives a visitor who just stumbled on the website a good understanding of the service. That way they can take an informed decision to use the service.
The free monthly horoscopes is a way to expand knowledge on various star signs through guidance, advice and warnings by a highly experienced astrologer.
Psychic Sofa is so well organised and spiritually uplifting that it would sure encourage visitors to recommend the service to friends.