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Horoscope today : Sunday, 27 September 2020

What does the future hold for you? From Leo to Taurus, our daily free horoscopes will help you unravel more about your future including all aspects of your love life, work, family, friends, amongst others. We'll delve deeper into the features of each star sign and the current planetary alignments that plays a part in your everyday life.

daghoroscoop aquarius vandaag
Daily horoscope Aquarius
21 january - 19 february
Even a tiny ray of sunshine can be enough to transform our world or outlook. Think of how someone lost in a labyrinth of cave tunnels welcomes one tiny sliver of daylight emerging through a crack. You have an abundance of positivity, warmth, and support on offer to you that begs for your attention now. It's essential that you choose to accept each. The time is ideal to do so. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop pisces vandaag
Daily horoscope Pisces
20 february - 20 march
When we want a straightforward 'yes' or 'no' to a particular question, we don't want to hear the person responding start the sentence with, 'Well, ...'. There can sometimes be something frustrating about having to ask the question again and discovering that the person responding has information they're keen to impart first. The way somebody seems elusive, evasive, or keen to 'beat around the bush' with you could become irritating. But remind them, kindly but determinedly, why a straightforward answer is important to you. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop aries vandaag
Daily horoscope Aries
21 march - 20 april
We're all aware of how, if we listened to everybody keen to offer opinions or advice about what we should or shouldn't be doing, then we'd get nothing done. It seems as if once people feel reassured they've got our attention, the opinions and advice keep coming. Circumstances in your world could attract attention from those around you. But you're right to believe that anyone who isn't supportive of the necessary and bold step you're keen to take doesn't have your best interests at heart. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop taurus vandaag
Daily horoscope Taurus
21 april - 20 may
There will always be some people who learn the hard way that two of your many powerful and admirable attributes are stubbornness and patience. Anyone who thinks you can be forced to do something faster than you intend to could understand what is meant by an 'exercise in futility.' Your instincts are spot-on if they urge you to approach or tackle something at a gradual pace that suits you. If it feels right, then trust that it's right and don't' succumb to pressure from elsewhere. read your daily horoscope

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daghoroscoop gemini vandaag
Daily horoscope Gemini
21 may - 21 june
It's interesting how someone who says they have a fear of flying often, if they're honest with themselves, has a fear of crashing. Someone who says they have a fear of water isn't always afraid of the water itself. They're afraid of what might happen if they immersed themselves in it. It's worth considering if you might be attaching fear to something that really does form part of a seemingly daunting but unfounded picture. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop cancer vandaag
Daily horoscope Cancer
22 june - 22 july
It's interesting how many online videos claim to help people to choose winning lottery numbers. I think if these videos really were helpful, word would get out pretty quickly. But what these videos do is encourage people to open their minds to creating new levels of abundance in their world. Opening your mind, embracing positivity, and feeling passionate about attracting more of what you wish you had more of are your first steps to attracting it. Try it, but be prepared to give it some time. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop leo vandaag
Daily horoscope Leo
23 july - 23 august
We all know there are times when 'no news is good news.' There are also times when someone's silence is reassuring. But we also know the opposite is true. Just because someone is keeping distance or all seems quiet on their front doesn't mean everything is hunky-dory in their world. It could be reflective of nobody reaching out to them. There could be benefits to you doing that now. You could gain helpful and valuable insights into what's happening in their mind or heart. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop virgo vandaag
Daily horoscope Virgo
24 august - 23 september
Some people who run positive mental attitude seminars believe that each of us is either on track for success or failure. They don't believe there's any middle ground. That's a bit harsh. Of course, if we want to experience success, then we must set our trajectory to arrive there. But there can be absolutely no harm whatsoever in tweaking or adjusting that journey as we go along. To achieve success in an area of your world now, one tiny modification to your strategy may be needed. read your daily horoscope

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daghoroscoop libra vandaag
Daily horoscope Libra
24 september - 23 october
Everyone, to some extent, adheres to the golden rule of doing unto others as we would have them do unto us. We all expect and deserve a basic level of respect. But anything above that must be earned and not assumed. If you believe that you're taking steps in some way that can gain you more praise, recognition, admiration, and respect from others, then you're absolutely right. You are also right to believe you'll have earned it all. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop scorpio vandaag
Daily horoscope Scorpio
24 october - 22 november
If you find yourself saying the words 'enough is enough' in a particular area of your world, then try to focus briefly on the determination that might underpin them. You could make a firm commitment to yourself that transforms something unhelpful or unhealthy into something much more beneficial and inspiring. You appear to mean what you say and are also right to believe the time is right to bring this change. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop sagittarius vandaag
Daily horoscope Sagittarius
23 november - 21 december
We often hear creative people say that, before they can create their next masterpiece, they must 'get in the zone.' Perhaps, this is something you can relate to. Sometimes as well, someone must distance themselves briefly from what they're creating. You could experience something inspiring and reassuring by applying more focus to self-awareness than trying to come up with an instant solution. Something you discover about yourself holds the answer to a quandary or dilemma. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop capricorn vandaag
Daily horoscope Capricorn
22 december - 20 january
Everyone, to some extent, knows right from wrong. They may choose to ignore the difference, but we're all wired to understand what is acceptable and what isn't. You could be acutely aware of an injustice occurring in your world now or possibly to someone close to you. Bringing an improvement or putting things right might be a responsibility that lands on your shoulders. But justice can, and will, be done. read your daily horoscope

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How do horoscopes work?

It would be practically impossible to write a horoscope tailored for everybody; this would mean finding out specific information about each person’s birthdate (time, date, and location). However, it would be much easier to write a horoscope suited to an entire group of people (under one sun sign); astrologers put the Sun Sign on the first house and then follow them in chronological order for other houses.

For instance, if today the moon were in Virgo, you would be able to tell which house is affected by a specific Sun Sign by having a look at which house Virgo is under. Check below for your Sun Sign.

Again, because Uranus belongs under Aries, you would be able to tell the affected house affected by the Sun Sign by checking for the house that is under Aries.
Furthermore, if you own your own Natal Chart, you can easily tell how a Virgo Moon would personally affect you just by looking at the house that is ruled by Virgo. The same thing applies to other planets. However, the planet first affects us collectively as one sign and also on a personal level based on our personal Natal Chart.

The Moon is basically used to write daily horoscopes as the sign of the moon changes every 2 to 2-1/2 days, this phenomenon also influences our emotions and mood daily, so because the state of the Moon would affect us in our everyday lives, it is therefore only logical to write daily horoscopes using it. Which is why the daily horoscopes I write daily here, show the house the Moon is moving through for each sign.

How Correct are horoscopes?

The correctness of horoscopes has always captivated me for a long time. Astrology seems to operate on fundamentally incorrect concepts regarding the activities of planet and stars, but yet they can be weirdly accurate.

Here, I will look to examine the popular question of how correct horoscopes are and show you how you can increase your chances of getting the most accurate horoscopes.

Are Horoscopes Accurate? The confusing part!

We move, the starts don’t, but the reverse is the case with astrology. For instance, the phrase ‘Mercury is in Retrograde’ may sound familiar – a term that terrifies the hearts of horoscopes and astrologists. It is described as a period when things go awry, not as intended.