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Horoscope today : Tuesday, 1 December 2020

What does the future hold for you? From Leo to Taurus, our daily free horoscopes will help you unravel more about your future including all aspects of your love life, work, family, friends, amongst others. We'll delve deeper into the features of each star sign and the current planetary alignments that plays a part in your everyday life.

daghoroscoop aquarius vandaag
Daily horoscope Aquarius
21 january - 19 february
We're all prone to believing what we tell ourselves repeatedly. This can apply to an attitude or a belief formed long ago that made sense, and we see no reason why it doesn't make sense now. But it's worth considering if an attitude or a belief you possess needs updating or upgrading. It may be time to shift it. You could be surprised at how much your perspective changes in a specific way by doing so. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop pisces vandaag
Daily horoscope Pisces
20 february - 20 march
The Finger of Blame doesn't need to touch us to hurt us. We only need to see it pointed our direction when we know it's unjustified to feel defensive and affronted. If we think that way, then we must accept others would feel similarly if we pointed 'that' finger at them. Ask yourself what the real benefits are of doing so with someone in your world. There may be considerably fewer than you think. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop aries vandaag
Daily horoscope Aries
21 march - 20 april
Even when we know advice comes from a well-meant or well-intended source, we don't always welcome it. We listen out of courtesy but are aware of a line crossed regarding being told what someone thinks we must hear. Before you conclude how irrelevant or unhelpful someone's advice is, hear them out. There's likely to be an intriguing nugget of insight in there somewhere. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop taurus vandaag
Daily horoscope Taurus
21 april - 20 may
When considering an action, some people don't only adhere to a 'there's no time like the present' belief. They want to go one step further. They want to see what their efforts bring right here and now. The feeling of wishing we'd shown restraint is a distinct one. However, you look set to take pride in being selective about how, where, and when you took action recently. read your daily horoscope

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daghoroscoop gemini vandaag
Daily horoscope Gemini
21 may - 21 june
A particular person may see you like a pony, grazing calmly in a field. They know if they run up to you with both pistols sounding, you'll gallop away and return only at a time in the future that suits you. But if they approach you quietly, with a tiny sugar cube in hand, then they suspect that might bring a better result. I think you're likely to agree with them. Appreciate someone's sensitive approach. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop cancer vandaag
Daily horoscope Cancer
22 june - 22 july
Does a particular relationship remind you of the film 'Groundhog Day'? Does it feel like 'the same ground' gets covered, or progress is made only to a particular point? You might think that, if something's going to be so repetitive or predictable, you've got better things to do. But if you sense there's more than meets the eye, then you're right. A barrier - or facade - is about to be removed. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop leo vandaag
Daily horoscope Leo
23 july - 23 august
Did people involved in constructing Apollo 11 feel they were wasting their time? Was the idea of going from Earth to the Moon so a man could walk on it ludicrous? The mission was successful due to the faith of many involved. But what about your mission? You could see reasons to believe your effort will result in disappointment. You had an initial idea for a good reason. Don't lose faith in that. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop virgo vandaag
Daily horoscope Virgo
24 august - 23 september
There are times when creating distance in an area of our world or choosing to watch and wait are sensible decisions. That's often how essential information arrives. We can bide our time in the belief that doing so is the right option. Yet, in our hearts, we know there's something we need to take the initiative with. You probably know where you've waited for long enough. You also know why making a specific effort now is both timely and sensible. read your daily horoscope

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daghoroscoop libra vandaag
Daily horoscope Libra
24 september - 23 october
All too often, we hear what we want to hear and see what we want to see in particular situations. There are also times when impatience gets the better of us. In our haste to spot or connect with crucial information, we can ignore or overlook it completely. Try not to allow impatience on your part to cause you to misinterpret something that offers a reassuring and inspiring message. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop scorpio vandaag
Daily horoscope Scorpio
24 october - 22 november
Laurel and Hardy. Jagger and Richards. Lennon and McCartney. They're a few examples of collaboration based on a strong vision and two people being 'on the same page' with it. Do you feel alone with the pursuit of an ambition or aspiration? It's likely that you not only know an ideal partner, but they're probably closer than you think. There's another reason you need to be more willing to share what truly inspires you. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop sagittarius vandaag
Daily horoscope Sagittarius
23 november - 21 december
Astrologically, Mercury isn't associated with optimism. Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is. But Mercury's arrival in your sign is bound to bring ideas and insights that have been elusive recently. You could be surprised at how these give you the mental boost you've needed, too. Where there's inspiration, optimism is rarely far behind. Be receptive to a well-deserved abundance of both on their way. read your daily horoscope
daghoroscoop capricorn vandaag
Daily horoscope Capricorn
22 december - 20 january
Have you ever been in a situation where two people are talking incessantly or arguing, and you're trying to get a word in? You want to interject because you can offer the solution both seem unable to find and are likely to be arguing about! Although you could be removed slightly from a situation or an arrangement, believe that an insight or observation you can offer is relevant, timely, and helpful. read your daily horoscope

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How do horoscopes work?

It would be practically impossible to write a horoscope tailored for everybody; this would mean finding out specific information about each person’s birthdate (time, date, and location). However, it would be much easier to write a horoscope suited to an entire group of people (under one sun sign); astrologers put the Sun Sign on the first house and then follow them in chronological order for other houses.

For instance, if today the moon were in Virgo, you would be able to tell which house is affected by a specific Sun Sign by having a look at which house Virgo is under. Check below for your Sun Sign.

Again, because Uranus belongs under Aries, you would be able to tell the affected house affected by the Sun Sign by checking for the house that is under Aries.
Furthermore, if you own your own Natal Chart, you can easily tell how a Virgo Moon would personally affect you just by looking at the house that is ruled by Virgo. The same thing applies to other planets. However, the planet first affects us collectively as one sign and also on a personal level based on our personal Natal Chart.

The Moon is basically used to write daily horoscopes as the sign of the moon changes every 2 to 2-1/2 days, this phenomenon also influences our emotions and mood daily, so because the state of the Moon would affect us in our everyday lives, it is therefore only logical to write daily horoscopes using it. Which is why the daily horoscopes I write daily here, show the house the Moon is moving through for each sign.

How Correct are horoscopes?

The correctness of horoscopes has always captivated me for a long time. Astrology seems to operate on fundamentally incorrect concepts regarding the activities of planet and stars, but yet they can be weirdly accurate.

Here, I will look to examine the popular question of how correct horoscopes are and show you how you can increase your chances of getting the most accurate horoscopes.

Are Horoscopes Accurate? The confusing part!

We move, the starts don’t, but the reverse is the case with astrology. For instance, the phrase ‘Mercury is in Retrograde’ may sound familiar – a term that terrifies the hearts of horoscopes and astrologists. It is described as a period when things go awry, not as intended.