Psychic jobs - your career as a psychic or tarot reader

Mediumchat is the best and fastest growing spiritual / paranormal contact platform in the UK and US. Therefore, we offer various psychic job positions with a great career perspective as a psychic, clairvoyant or tarot reader. Will you meet the requirements?

What person could fulfill this job as a psychic

  • You are demonstrably spiritually gifted, (novices are also welcome)
  • You have experience with giving readings/ healings/ coaching/ tarot readings etc.
  • You are fluent in chat communication,
  • You are eager to learn and have an upbeat attitude,
  • You enjoy chatting with people and being there for them with a listening ear and valuable advice,
  • You have a good command of the English language,
  • You are available for at least 20 hours per month,
Does this description match you? Read on!

Merits that come with this job as a psychic reader or tarot reader

  • You receive a fee per chat minute,
  • Your minute pay rate increases the more you are present,
  • Work from home or work remotely as a psychic or tarot reader,
  • You chose your working hours.

Three reasons that support your psychic career

There are many reasons why Mediumchat is an interesting spiritual contact platform for you. The 3 main reasons are:

  1. The easiest to work with system in the business,
  2. The best marketing in the business,
  3. The highest customer satisfaction rate in the business,

Now, we can hear you thinking: "Yes, but I want to help as many people as possible, work properly, have nice colleagues and the best earning opportunities". Well, we are happy to inform you that you most definitely get all of this at Mediumchat and more! This is all thanks to the 3 main points mentioned above and we would like to explain the how and why to you;

The easiest to work with system as a reader online

Mediumchat was founded and developed by a professional programmer and an online marketer. Since virtually all other sites in this branch have been developed by people with a spiritual background, you may understand that we are a bit of an 'outsider' in this line of business. From the start in 2014 we have had a very down-to-earth viewpoint in regarding the needs of our clients and readers. This was the foundation upon which we built have our own communication system which if fully geared towards these needs. This means that it provides a system which is 100% safer and easier to work with than any other spiritual contact platform.

The best marketing in the spiritual industry

We have found that many specialists as yourself tend to find it difficult to market themselves. We often hear questions such as; "How do I do SEO?", "Why does AdWords cost so much money?". With Mediumchat this problem is solved immediately! Mediumchat is one of the most viewed spiritual websites in the Netherlands and Belgium. Marketing is our job. That’s why. This allows us to support you in a way no one else can. Nowhere else in this line of work is it possible for you to have so many customer calls than with Mediumchat. This makes us one of the best companies to work for in the psychic industry.

The highest customer satisfaction

It is with great certainty that we dare say that since we began in 2014, Mediumchat has been and still is the fastest growing spiritual contact platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. This is possible because with us the customer really comes first in every aspect.

At Mediumchat we do treat our customers the best way possible. After each contact we measure customer satisfaction in various ways. You could say that we almost fanatics about it. Because our customers are more satisfied than at (many) other websites, you will get more clients than any other psychic contact platform/ line in the market.
The grand secret of it all is…. YOU! You are important to Mediumchat. Without good, passionate readers like you, it is impossible to make our customers happy. If clients are the life of Mediumchat, the readers are our heart and soul.
If you believe we can be a great match together for this job as a psychic, please fill out the form below and we’ll be in touch with you shortly!

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