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Welcome to our vacancy page. is the best and fastest growing spiritual / paranormal contact platform in the UK.  

There are many reasons why Mediumchat is a super-interesting spiritual contact platform for you.
The 3 big reasons are:

  1. The most enjoyable system in the market,
  2. The best marketing in the market,
  3. The highest customer satisfaction in the market,

Now I hear you thinking: "Yes, but I want to help as many people as possible, work cleanly, have the nicest colleagues and have the best earning opportunities". You get all of this at Mediumchat! These are the result of the 3 main points that I would like to explain to you.

The most enjoyable system
Mediumchat has been started by a professional programmer and an online marketer. Because virtually all other sites in the branch have been started by people with a spiritual background, we are an 'outsider'. From our start in 2014 we have looked very 'terrestrial' to the needs of customers and consultants. Based on this, we have built our own communication system that is fully geared to these wishes. This system is 100% safer to work with than any other spiritual contact platform.

The best marketing in the market
Our experience is that many specialists like you find it difficult to market themselves. "How do I do SEO?", "Why does adwords cost so much money?" Are questions that we hear very often. Problem solved! Mediumchat is one of the most visited spiritual websites in the Netherlands and Belgium. This is because marketing is our profession. This way we can support you like no other. Nowhere in the market can you have so many customer calls than with Mediumchat.

The highest customer satisfaction in the market
We dare to say with certainty that since the start in 2014, Mediumchat has been the fastest growing spiritual contact platform in the Netherlands and Belgium. This is only possible because the customer really comes first in everything.

At Mediumchat we do not 'keep customers on the line'. We measure customer satisfaction in various ways after each interview. This is almost an obsession for us. Because our customers are more satisfied than at (many) other websites, you will get more crowds than at other sites in the market.

Let me tell you a secret. You are important to Mediumchat! Without good, passionate consultants like you, it is impossible to make our customers happy. When clients form the life blood of Mediumchat, the consultants are our heart and soul. But yes, what do you have if a marketer or text writer tells you this ......

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