About Mediumchat

About mediumchat

Welcome to the 'about us' page. Mediumchat is one of the newest medium contact websites. We started on 1 March 2018 and with that a "fresh wind" in the industry. We started because we saw numerous improvements on other websites in the area of quality of service and professionalism. Things that we consider paramount are: reliability, transparency, discretion and professionalism.

Our mission

We started medium chat with the following mission: "Being the biggest, most fun and easy platform for paranormal contacts." Every day we work hard to make this mission a reality.
We constantly request feedback from both our customers and our advisors. This is important input to continue to improve the service.

Careful screening

Giving you a good feeling and an enjoyable experience is important to us. To ensure this, our consultants are carefully screened before they are visible on the website. In addition, we ask for feedback about our consultants after each conversation.

Benefits of chatting

Chatting with our advisors has a large number of advantages. A chat is simple, low-threshold and less scary than calling. You also have no unexpected costs afterwards.

Chatting is a fine method. You can think about the formulation of your questions for a moment. We notice that our customers find this very enjoyable.

Photos can be uploaded in our chat environment. With these photos the advisor can concentrate even better on your questions and come up with the best possible answers.

Questions? Our customer service will be happy to help you!


Hi my name is Amy. When you ask a question, the chances are that the answer will come from me. In the last 5 years I have been customer service manager at two large call centers.

I think the concept of Mediumchat is great. I quit my job and started working with full conviction.

Your questions and comments help me and Jack to make the system better and more user-friendly. Because I work from home and also have a young family, the easiest way to contact me is to send me an e-mail.

I answer quickly and if necessary, I will call you back as soon as possible.
If you have any questions, you can contact us through customer service. We are happy to help you.