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The beauty of human existence is the dynamism of human beings; to each one is a peculiar and fundamentally different pathway and ‘self’. It is no cliché that every single person is uniquely different from another and thus has a unique self and future, the role of numerology is helpful in more ways than one as it offers diverse levels of interpretation for self-discovery and gaining insight into the future and the pathways that lead to the future. These levels of interpretation are somewhat complex but operate as five key numerological numbers that serve to give necessary directions on your journey to self-discovery. 


The Five Core Numbers in Numerology

In numerology, there are a total of five core numbers, these numbers are undoubtedly the integral part, building blocks or as commonly known- core numbers that make up an individual’s numerology chart, while all five of them are foundationally based on birth name and birth date information for each individual, they have different important effects on individual characteristics and behavior.

The Life Path Number
The Life Path number is an individual blueprint that details one’s path in life, as its name implies, it affects and interacts with how challenges or opportunities play out in the course of one’s existence, personal reactions and responses to life’s events and overall character. In numerology, this number, in particular, is calculated based on the day, month and year details of an individual’s birth date and considered the most important core number because it encodes details of the individual in entirety and is constant. In the numerology chart, the Life Path Number is without doubt the most important core number.

The Expression Number
Unlike the Life Path Number, the Expression or Destiny Number, very much like its name can be described as the life goal number; the peculiar natural gifting (strengths and weaknesses) bestowed on each individual at birth. The Expression Number is calculated based on numerological vibrations tied to the individual’s birth name (the specific name given at birth). It details information regarding an individual’s strengths (abilities and talents) and weaknesses.

The Personality Number
Very much like the personality, the Personality Number offers information regarding what others think about you on first contact (first impression) based on information you willing divulge to different people, it provides information on what kind of information you can share with people and the kinds of people to share them with. It effectively serves as a screening system and is calculated by the numerological value of consonant letters in an individual’s birth name.

The Heart’s Desire Number
In matters and affairs relating to career, love and life, the Heart’s Desire Number serves as a map that details justifications for actions take one takes. The choices made and the inner workings of subconscious desires, the value of the Heart’s Desire Number is calculated based on the numerological values of vowel letters in the birth name.

The Birth Day Number
Life’s first gift to you is considered the unique talent that you were born with on your birth day (the exact day you were born) that is revealed in your journey in life. You were destined to enter the earth on a specific and you receive a specific talent for being born that day- a timestamp of some sort that impacts your life in a grand way. The Birth Day Number is considered the least important core number of the five and is derived from information about the day you were born (between the 1st and 31st day of your birth month). 
Knowing just how important all five core numbers are to your journey towards self discovery and understanding how your future will play out, we bet you are more than excited about learning everything there is to know about your personal chart from a numerology psychic. Do so immediately with a numerology psychic right after you try your hands on calculating your Life Path Number personally, follow our step by step example to get the most compatible match.


How to Calculate Your Life Path Number Yourself

In calculating your Life Path Number, there are some basic guidelines to follow and terms to take note of. There are three master numbers- 11, 22, 33. It is important to treat all numbers in your birth date as single-digit numbers; this would mean that you would need to reduce each unit of your date of birth, including the year, month and date to singular numbers save when there is a master number in your birth date information.  Take this birth date (November 14, 1978) as an example.
November (11) 14 (1+4) 1978 (1+9+7+8)
11 + 5 + 25 (2+5)
11 + 5 + 7 = 23 (2+3)
Final Answer = 5 (The Life Path Number)


The Life Path Compatibility Chart

There are nine possible Life Path Numbers (1, 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 or 9) and each mean a different thing. Now that you have calculated your Life Path Number using the example given above, go through the compatibility chart to find out what your Life Path Number says (if your life path number happens to be any of the three master numbers 11, 22 or 33, then your most compatible number on the Life Path Compatibility Chart would be 2, 4 and 6 respectively).

Life Path 1:
The Life Path Number 1 is the typically leader, you would be best suited with a happy-to-play-along 3 and a 5 would do you some good too, you could also consider a 6 because they get along with others just fine.

Life Path 2:
The Life Path Number 2 is intuitive, you would have a blissful experience with an 8 (as they are very visionary) or a 9 (they are cultivated), a 6 is also another great match.

Life Path 3:
Life Path Number 3 is creative, enjoy an exhilarating experience with a 5 and gain a wider perspective on life with a 7 (they are spiritual).

Life Path 4:
Life Path Number 4 loves relationships and is grounded. You are most compatible with an 8 because they are very determined. A 1 is unwavering and purposeful (another suitable match for you). The typical 6 or 7 would be good options for you as well.

Life Path 5:
Life Path Number 5 gets along well with nearly all other Life Path Numbers in terms of relationships but the Life Path 7 brings balance to the table, the 5 offers a lasting relationship (a deviation from the norm with similar life path relationships) and there are other good choices like Life Path 1 and 2.

Life Path 6:
Life Path Number 6 is best suited any other Life Path Number save a 3 and often a 6 when considering long-term relationships.

Life Path 7:
Life Path Number 7 is the rational Life Path, compatible with a 3 (for their imaginative nature) and a 5 (you would remain on your toes guessing with this one) for the necessary kind of excitement they add to your life.

Life Path 8:
Life Path Number 8 needs to be in charge and the Life Paths that would willingly let you lead in a long-term relationship are the 2s and 6s.

Life Path 9:
Life Path Number 9 is more than extra careful when it comes to relationships. A 6 is capable of making you feel cared for and protected while the intuitive nature of a 2 gets them past your mask.

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