Daily horoscope Gemini

Daily horoscope Gemini today : Monday, 26 October 2020

daghoroscoop gemini vandaag

Daily horoscope Gemini

21 may - 21 june


If it feels as if particular circumstances are beyond your control, then that's good news. It means you're not obliged to control them. It means they form part of a process that will ultimately benefit you, and you needn't be at the helm for this to happen. So, focus positive energy on what you know you can change or are encouraged to adapt to. That shouldn't be hard to identify.


Whether it's a change of heart or potentially unexplained new level of open-mindedness on your part, you could be much more receptive to whatever or whoever you've dismissed previously. You're also right to see the benefits of viewing whatever or whoever-it-is in a new light, too. Nothing needs to be rushed into, but you could take a step that may be overdue. Pushing aside preconceptions is all that's needed.

Horoscope Gemini today

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Gemini Characteristics

Zodiac Date: May 22 - June 21
Latin Name: Gemini
English Translation: The Twins
Symbol: ♊
Ruler Planet: Mercury
Element: Air. It is included in the mutable signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The third sign of zodiac is Gemini. The people of this are usually inquisitive, unpredicatable, erratic, inconstant, adaptable, honest, sentimental, fun loving, agreeable, chatty and have a sharp judgment.

Gemini people are no routine people, very good writers and comminicators.  They are uncertain in their jobs and get bored easily. They need challnges everyday for keep going.

Gemini in love are steady and observing to be autonomous, innovative and imaginative in bed.

Negative Traits
People with dual natures, confusing and intriguing.

Compatible Signs
Libra, Aquarius and Gemini.