Daily Leo

Daily horoscope Leo today:: Saturday, 2 December 2023

Daily horoscope Leo

23 july - 23 august


Are you up for some decluttering? Mercury now targets your routines, habits and service to others. So, you're helped to turn up the dial with attention to detail and bring structure to your world. But watch out for Mercury's backward motion from December 13 to January 1. The mischievous planet could make what emerges from your mouth very different from what your head intended.


Human beings are basically animals. Put two humans in a confined space long enough, and boundaries will soon be clearly defined. Your animal instincts could emerge if you sense your personal space is encroached upon. A lover or someone close might need to see you as a cat within an invisible circle that, if crossed, could result in a swipe! Go easy on them if that happens.

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Horoscope Leo today

Today you can read what your horoscope tells you. For every zodiac sign our mediums draw up a horoscope every day. You can get a lot of insights here.

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Leo Characteristics

Zodiac Date: July 23 -August 21
Latin Name: Leo
English Translation: The Lion
Symbol: ♌ 
Ruler Planet: Sun 
Element: Fire. It is included in the fixed signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The 5th sign of the zodiac is leo. People from this sign are particular, provocative, requesting, objective, ostentatious, independent, warm, friendly, earnest and steadfast.

They are born leaders, love to lead and get recognize, independent jobs.

In love leo’s are faithful, loyal, amorous and want loyalty in return.

Negative Traits
Leo are bossy, arrogant, narrow minded and proudy.

Compatible Signs
Aries, Sagittarius and to some extent Libra