Daily horoscope Leo

Daily horoscope Leo today : Monday, 12 April 2021

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Daily horoscope Leo

23 july - 23 august


There are limits to how long you can continue to turn a blind eye to a particular matter. Doing so may have helped you feel comfortable or reassured on one level recently. There appears to be one glaring issue that could emerge like a Jack-in-the-Box if it isn't taken seriously. But could this lead to a discovery you may not have made otherwise? There's only one way to find out.


An unusual and curious connection exists between passionate progress and your surroundings. If you're single, this is a time to have one heck of a spring clean to make your home somewhere that's more attractive or safer to bring someone back to. If you're attached, then this is a superb time to apply your Leo creativity to make your lovenest even more intimately comfortable.

Horoscope Leo today

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Leo Characteristics

Zodiac Date: July 23 -August 21
Latin Name: Leo
English Translation: The Lion
Symbol: ♌ 
Ruler Planet: Sun 
Element: Fire. It is included in the fixed signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The 5th sign of the zodiac is leo. People from this sign are particular, provocative, requesting, objective, ostentatious, independent, warm, friendly, earnest and steadfast.

They are born leaders, love to lead and get recognize, independent jobs.

In love leo’s are faithful, loyal, amorous and want loyalty in return.

Negative Traits
Leo are bossy, arrogant, narrow minded and proudy.

Compatible Signs
Aries, Sagittarius and to some extent Libra