Daily horoscope Libra

Daily horoscope Libra today : Sunday, 29 November 2020

daghoroscoop libra vandaag

Daily horoscope Libra

24 september - 23 october


Conceived? Check. Believed? Check. Achieved? Ah, that's one part of the equation that now needs addressing. Your mind has conceived an idea or vision. You appear to believe in it. The fact that you're ticking two of the three boxes takes you two-thirds of the way to achieving it! A new ambition can be embarked upon now with strong foundations. All that remains is heartfelt, faith-driven effort.


Something that you feel gung-ho and upbeat about could be something the object of your affections struggles to summon enthusiasm for. This could also be a time when your persuasiveness may not bring the desired result, either. Nothing stops you from enjoying a personal endorphin-rush solo. But if you want the one you love on board, then you may need to return to your idea or suggestion at another time.

Horoscope Libra today

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Libra Characteristics

Zodiac Date: September 24 - October 23
Latin Name: Libra
English Translation: The Scales
Symbol: ♎
Ruler Planet: Venus
Element" Air. It is included in the cardinal signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The 7th sign of the zodiac is Libra. People from this sign are amicable, enlightened, scholarly, modern, tempting, exquisite, imaginative, clever, adjusted, amiable and individuals who keep up their norm.

They are to a great degree scholarly and require occupations that are rationally animating and don't take after a schedule. They require an adjusted activity that is requested and testing. They are magnificent organizers and investigate each part of the activity before finishing it. They exceed expectations in the field of inventiveness and expressions.

In love libra are flirt and true romantics, loyal, good listners and devoted.

Negative Traits
They are angry, overindulgent, resentful, hesitant and guileless.

Compatible Signs
Gemini and Aquarius.