Daily horoscope Pisces

Daily horoscope Pisces today : Tuesday, 28 September 2021

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Daily horoscope Pisces

20 february - 20 march


If somebody thinks they can act cruelly or despicably toward someone and you'll stand by and watch, they're seriously mistaken. Nobody champions an underdog like a Piscean! If you sense it's your duty to step in and do the right thing, you might not hesitate to do so. Of course, your involvement needs to be done sensibly and safely. But the outcome will be worth it.


Is it possible you might take something said to you by a lover or potential sweetheart too much to heart? It could be tricky to determine if what they say is deliberately barbed or something you should let bounce off you. But whatever you decide, it's worth letting the one you love know that you'd appreciate them choosing their words a bit more carefully and sensitively in the future.

Horoscope Pisces today

You often hear that people with the constellation of Picses recognize each other without knowing each other that they have that constellation. Do you have that too? Follow your horoscope and see what the day brings you today.

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Pisces Characteristics

Zodiac Date: February 20 - March 20
Latin Name: Pisces
English Translation: The Fish
Symbol: ♓ 
Ruler Planet: Neptune
Element: Water. It is included in the mutable signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The 12th sign of the zodiac is Pisces. People from this sign are marvelous, sporadic, innovative, sentimental, sympathetic, tricky, inventive, touchy and kind.

They dont like regular and routine jobs. They are good observers becuse they think alot. Being a thinker jobs related to poetry, art and writing are suitable for them.

Deep and strong lovers, devoted partners.

Negative Traits
Over sensitivity, low self esteem and greed are some of the negative traits.

Compatible Signs
Cancer and Scorpio.