Daily Taurus

Daily horoscope Taurus today:: Wednesday, 17 April 2024

Daily horoscope Taurus

21 april - 20 may


A fine line could exist between showing strength or being determined and applying unhelpful pressure. Your belief in the way something should be done is likely justified. But enthusiasm could become forceful if you don't allow someone or others a chance to offer their input or give something a go and see if their way is just as effective.


As Luna affects your emotional foundations, your desires come into focus. Seek intimate moments away from prying eyes where you can fully immerse yourself in a passionate connection. Single? Embrace a chance to flirt and ignite sparks of desire. Let your awesome Taurean sensuality help you discover the thrill of romance in new and imaginative ways!

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Horoscope Taurus today

You can read a new daily horoscope here every day for free. Today there is another one waiting for you. With the constellation of the Taurus you can find insights on how you can deal with certain situations.

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Taurus Characteristics

Zodiac Date: April 21 - May 21
Latin Name: Taurus
English Translation: The Bull
Symbol: ♉ 
Ruler Planet: Venus
Element: Earth. It is included in the fixed signs.

Characteristics and Personality
The 2nd sign of zodiac is Taurus. The people of this sign are usually realistic, imaginative, faithful, possessive, unpredictable, exotically liberal, kind, rational, trustworthy, diligent and pragmatic.

People from Taurus sign are dutiful and do good in a rooutine and regular job.

In love people from Taurus sign are loyal, devoted, caring, jealous and physical.

Negative Traits
Taurus are possesive, untrustworthy, dissatisfied.

Compatible Signs
Capricorns and Virgos