Yes or No Fortune Teller

Yes or No Fortune Teller: Is It Worth the Penny? 

"Since time immemorial humans have longed to learn that which the future holds for them. Thus, in ancient civilization, and even today with fortune telling as a true profession, humankind continues to be curious about its future, both out of sheer curiosity as well as out of desire to better prepare for it."
Ronald H. Isaacs

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It is true. People have always been fascinated to learn about future events and see what life has in store for them. The reason is that taking a glimpse into the future can help you make better decisions today and set your life on the best path possible. Moreover, knowing what the future holds can be a permission slip to keep the faith on how your life is unfolding and trust yourself more.

Although no one can tell you exactly what the future looks like, there are highly-intuitive people who can sense the most probable outcomes. Some call them psychic or mediums while others call them fortune-tellers.
Fortune telling has been around for ages and it still is a popular practice today. Astrology, tarot and palm reading are amongst the most known forms of telling the future, but there are many more others.
One even more popular forms of fortune telling these days are the so-called online yes or no fortune tellers. There are plenty websites that offer free fortune telling with yes/no answers following the randomizing principle.
Although they are mostly free, quick and tempting the question that raises is how accurate can these online yes or no fortune telling websites actually be? Can you trust the online yes or no oracles out there? But let’s start with the beginning.

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How does an online yes / no fortune teller work?

Their working principle is simple. Once you access a yes/no fortune telling website all that’s left to do is to type your question in the designated box and press the answer button below. You question will be automatically answered with a yes or a no.
There is little to no understanding as regards to the principle these websites use (because we’re talking about websites here are not real people), but I assume it’s a randomized algorithm they’re using.
Given these facts, it’s hard to even call these websites online fortune tellers.


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What kinds of question can you ask a yes or no fortune teller? 

Any closed-ended question imaginable that comes to your mind. Pretty much everything you would ask a real-life fortune teller. The questions that bother you the most and you want answers to.
But the best question you can ask to test an online yes/no fortune teller is something know the answer to. For example, if you name is Mary, you can ask the oracle if your name is Mary. Most likely the “fortune teller” will miss the answer.

Online yes or no fortune tellers? Yes or no?

It’s hard to say that the online yes or no fortune tellers are fortune tellers at all. They are computer generated answers that offer random answers to your questions. And they have nothing to do with fortune telling. You can use them for personal amusement though, that’s for sure.
I think it would be more relevant to toss a coin or use even a dowsing rod or a pendulum to receive a yes or no answer to your question than use a yes or no fortune telling website. Most of them even use disclaimers saying that the answers that you will get are for entertainment purposes only. Others state exactly that they are no fortune tellers but witty programmers having fun.
My final yes or no answer to online fortune tellers is definitely NO.

Why it’s better to use a real fortune teller instead

Real fortune tellers are people with psychic abilities, who can sense another person’s energy and vibration. What they predict for the future is in deep connection with the person’s present state of being.
Online yes or no fortune tellers are websites using computer generated algorithms. They are not even real people, needless to say they have any psychic abilities to actually be entrusted with vital questions.
In addition, real fortune tellers can provide you with more information regarding your question, not just a closed answer. They can put things into context and explain their answers and what they see. You will receive a comprehensive answer and thus you will also understand the reasoning behind their predictions.
Apart from the entertainment or the amusement part of it, online yes/no fortune tellers cannot offer much valuable information. Whereas a real person with psychic abilities, even if he/she does online reading, is a valuable source of information that can help you.
A real psychic with the ability to foresee the future often time will act as a guide to help you discover your path and future. They understand that everyone has their own spiritual guidance and they can help you tune in and get in touch with your guides.

Bottom line 
Most of us prefer things coming freely and easy for us. Like online yes or no fortune telling for instance. However, when it comes to important matters like what the future holds, it’s best to not rely on random generated answers online. Use yes/no fortune tellers for fun and entertainment, but don’t rely on the answers that you get.

But are there psychics who can actually see into the future? There are people who can read your energy and sense the most probable outcome of your personal imprint into the future.
In the end, the future is an enigma with endless possibilities. The reason is that you are a different individual in each moment of your life, jumping from parallel universe to parallel universe. You’re not a linear constant coming from the past and heading towards the future. In fact, both your past and future are created and recreated in the now. And a real psychic reader knows this. My question is: “Who do you want to be?”. This is totally your call.