Famous Psychics and Fortune Tellers

Find Famous Psychics and Fortune Tellers

Psychics and fortune tellers have been around for hundreds and thousands of years. While documentation only goes back so far, those with intuitive abilities- such as psychics, mediums and clairvoyants- have been around for as long as anyone can remember. While most of us can only take things a day at a time, fortune tellers have the ability to give us insight into our future.
In fact, several fortune tellers have become so well-known that their names are recognized throughout the world. Here are the names of some of the most famous fortune tellers in history:

Psychic Sally Morgan

Sally Morgan, of the popular show Sally Morgan: Star Psychic, is arguably the most famous psychic in all of Britain. In addition to starring in her own television show, she regularly writes for well-known publications Star, OK! Now and the Saturday Express. She is so well respected in Britain that her autobiography, My Psychic Life, made it to the UK best-seller list in just one week.

Psychic Sasha Fenton

Author, astrologer and co-founder of Zambezi Publishing, Sasha Fenton is a multi-talented psychic. Her books- including Sun Signs, Moon Signs, and Understanding Astrology- have sold over 5 million copies worldwide.

Psychic Russell Grant

While his television appearances are now mainly confined to guest appearances on game and chat shows, fortune teller Russell Grant has been the face of several popular TV programmes, including "People Today","Breakfast Time", "Postcards from Britain" and "World of Wonder.”


Psychic Matthew Manning

Matthew Manning is a psychic, author and international spectacle. He is best known for his book The Link, which details his childhood experiences with a poltergeist. Over the years, he has been written about and discusses in several publications and television programmes.

Psychic Nostradamus

Michel de Nostradame is a world-renowned psychic known best by his stage name Nostradamus. He is known for making incredibly accurate predictions while meditating. He claims that his passion for astrology informs several of his psychic predictions. He has been reported as predicting major world events, such as Hitler, 9/11, the mysterious death of Princess Diana and Hurricane Katrina. He frequently speaks about the world ending, but has never given any precise details on how or when this will happen.

The Psychic Twins

Linda and Terry Jamison, otherwise known as The Psychic Twins, are twin fortune tellers who have become famous due to their predictions about John F. Kennedy Jr.’s death and 9/11. They are also responsible for their role in solving the disappearance of celebrity Patrick McDermott Olivia Newton-John’s boyfriend. To date, this is the largest missing persons case to be solved by psychics. On their website, you can find a list of their top 80 predictions that have already come true.

Psychic Tyler Henry

Known as The Hollywood Medium on his hit “E Entertainment” television programme, Tyler Henry is one of the most famous young clairvoyants. He has left many mouths agape with his innate ability to speak to spirits and has changed many skeptics into believers. His genuine care for the celebrities he works with, as well as his passion for helping others, has made both him and his show extremely popular. Some of the celebrities he has worked with include The Kardashians, Amber Rose, Rob Dyrdek and Snooki.


Psychic Theresa Caputo

The Long Island Medium is a television programme featuring talented psychic Theresa Caputo. Caputo connects with strangers and shares information with them from their deceased loved ones. She has been practicing using her gifts to help others from a very young age. Her show gives a behind the scenes look at not only a psychic’s professional life, but their personal life as well.

Psychic Moll Pitcher

Moll Pitcher was a famous fortune teller in the late 18th until early 19th centuries. She is rumored to have come from a family of wizards and made psychic predictions by reading tea leaves. As treasure hunting was a popular activity at the time, the majority of her clients were comprised of treasure hunters looking for riches. While many thought Pitcher was a witch, she narrowly avoided being born in a time where she could have been hung for her talents.
Because she was alive so long ago, there is very little documentation available about her famous predictions. However, we do know that she shocked many with the accuracy of her prediction about George Washington becoming the president.
Every psychic and fortune teller uses their gifts in different ways. Some rely fully on their intuition, while others use insightful tools like tarot cards. While some psychics are born with their abilities, others only attain them after a traumatic event. However, it’s important to remember than not every psychic prediction will be accurate; free will plays a large role in our futures. Even the slightest change in thought or action can alter a predicted chain of events.