USA is turning to astrology for answers

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We recently surveyed 50,000 US adults about their attitudes to Astrology and uncovered the following findings...

  • 39% of Texans regularly consult their horoscopes
  • 37% of Californians have found some truth in past horoscopes
  • 24% of Floridians have made a life changing decision based on what their horoscope said
  • 20% of New Yorkers have changed the advice they gave to someone based on what their horoscope told them
  • 22% of Pennsylvanians trust the advice from their horoscope over what their partner tells them

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53,383 reviews

53,383 reviews

Woww I'm taken by this wonderful reading! Thank you veryyy much from the bottom of my heart, it really means a lot! I really wish we get back together to form something amazingly beautiful ❤️! Thank you so much dear Angel! 💞 Fsm
01 Dec 2023

53,383 reviews

53,383 reviews