Oracle Reader, Intuitive and Insightful Empath

My Specialties:

  • Spiritual development
  • General
  • Love and relationship questions

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What can I do for you?

Thank you for visiting my profile! Do you need answers or some guidance? I am here to help you to get some insight and clarity. A reading with me can cover any of the areas of love and relationship issues, personal development, spiritual development and any topic that's important to you. My wish is to help you grow. If you are feeling down or anxious, I can share with you some "tools"/techniques to help you go through this period with more ease. If you wish so please ask me during the reading.

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Reader
  • Psychic
  • Co-dependency
  • Oracle cards


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Listen well
  • I feel your energy

About me

I am a highly sensitive Intuitive and Psychic, and non judgmental reader. I have experienced lots of Magic in my life and while doing your reading I try to leave the colorful spark of magic in your reality. I believe it is our super power to be born as humans. We have the ability to evolve constantly, be a better version of ourself and more happy. Here I am to channel Spirit to support, navigate and guide you for your highest good. Here I am for You, with all my Love and Light to help you.

My method

Before any reading I ask my spirit guides for a support and help, to serve you, to give you the information and meaningful insight. I work with few different sets of Oracles, according to your question (and my intuition) I choose one of them, sometime two. After each reading I clean the cards over the Sacred fire, so they can serve the other person. Between the reading I listen to mantras, to stay in the altered state. ***Please note I do not answer questions related to pregnancy/fertility**


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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Direct contact with Babsi

12 reviews

What’s she says hope it comes true

Julie - 28 Maart 2022

What a beautiful connection!’ I loved chatting to Babsi and I felt she not only connected well with my situation but had so much empathy and insight which we are all seeking. Thank you Babsi, I will definitely update ☺️❤️❤️

Kathleen - 25 Maart 2022

Thank you for your reading. It’s definitely lifted my spirits a bit. Xxx

Nicky - 21 Maart 2022

She was brilliant and clear in her readings. Very helpful and quick. I am very happy in the way she handles and responds to what you ask. Thanks a lot

Rekha - 15 December 2021

Thank you for your insights Babsi!!

SK - 8 Oktober 2021

Thank you so much for your honesty and kind words of advice. I felt extremely connected to you and you were so kind and non-judgemental. My situation is complicated but your reading of my situation was exactly what my gut feeling was. If you are looking for some clarity I would suggest contacting Babsi. She is lovely and so easy to talk too. Thank you and I will reconnect soon 💕💕

Justine - 2 Oktober 2021

Thank you for your beautiful message after we spoke.

Tammy - 27 September 2021

Dear Babsi, consulting you was very beneficial. All your insights were spot on, and I love that you expressed your thoughts with much clarity and detail. This gave me a feeling of reassurance and peace. Now I know how I can bring about balance and harmony in the whole situation. I knew it already but negative events can delude our minds and make afraid when there is no reason to be afraid.... Thank you also for your lovely message. I know about the power of mantra. In Sanskrit, the syllable "man" refers to the mind, and "tra" is a shield. Therefore, a mantra protects you like mental shield. The syllable "tra" also includes "tram" which refers to a "bija or seed that germinates and unfold its protective and creative power in your consciousness. Hence, it protects and widens our scope. I often chant Om Namo Narayanaya. It is a chant that unfolds peace within, and it also sends peace to the world when we chant it in a melodic way 108 times or more. Blessings to you and your work.....

Deepa - 25 September 2021

I enjoyed my chat with Babsi! Very empathic and warm 💛

Melissa - 23 September 2021

She was very nice and spot on everything. Definitely want to talk to her again.

Denise - 22 September 2021

Babsi is lovely. She answered all my questions simply and clearly. She didn’t ask me anything, she just did the reading. Thank you :)

Amy - 20 September 2021

Really happy after this reading. Babsi got my situation very fast, was accurate, emphatetic and her reading gave me some clarity and a lighter heart to face my future decisions. I felt very strongly her caring and supportive energy. Thank you, dear. 😊

Marta - 12 September 2021

Direct contact with Babsi