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My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • Spiritual development

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What can I do for you?

Have you been feeling lost? Energetically drained? As if vicious energetic cycles have been occurring in a pattern? Have you seen synchronicities like number sequences or animals that reoccur? Have your dreams been awry? Do you have questions for the Universe about the trajectory of your life's path? I can tune into your energy field and get messages for you from the Universe so that together we can get a detailed insight on what has happened, what is happening, and what will happen.

Gifts and methods:

  • Dream analysis
  • Tarot cards
  • Reiki
  • Psychic
  • Oracle cards


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Detailed
  • I feel your energy

About me

Trust your intuition, you have come across this for a reason. I have had abilities since I was a little girl, my connection with the Divine Energies is very strong. I have spent the passed few years enhancing my skills, working alongside other psychics to better understand the abilities I have, and to utilize them to help others. This is an amazing chapter in my life and I look forward to providing Divine Guidance and Messages to those who have been wondering. I work with Tarot, Oracle, Bone Divinations, Dream interpretations, Pendulums, Runes, and I do a variety of spellwork.

My method

I can work with astrological signs, images, or just the basics of a situation depending upon your comfortability. I can do general readings, love readings, financial readings, career readings, life path readings, aura readings, and more. Due to how versatile my abilities are and how many different tools I utilize in my practice, I am positive that I will be able to provide you with insight and support for your circumstances.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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English speaking psychic

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58 reviews

Thank you so much for your guidance

Silvia - 22 Juni 2022

Makayla was very quick to pick up on the situation purely by a photo. To be honest she picked up on things only I knew. I have had a few readings here before and she was one of the best. Didn’t necessarily tell me what I wanted to hear, but what I needed to hear. Grateful x

Laura - 9 Juni 2022

I don’t even know where to start! Makayla is the most kind genuine soul ever. She has so much wisdom and knowledge and the truth that she provides has brought me so much clarity on all levels. Truly so so gifted. She gives you so much valuable insight within each session and her kind and honest delivery really helps to aid in the healing process. Thank you so much for everything Makayla. 🙏🏼❤️

Ariana - 3 Juni 2022

Thank you Makayla for the in depth, clear and balanced readings. Not much time wasted and I believe your readings are based on what you see not what your personal opinion.

Masliza - 25 Mei 2022

Excellent as always, thank you so much for everything xx

Annabel - 17 Mei 2022

Absolutely brilliant reading - very insightful and spot on with what is happening in my life.very honest with some difficult findings to take on board but very useful - thank you

Gyles - 12 Mei 2022

Makayla is a pretty good psychic, she answered my question fast & in depth.. I’ve been going to her a lot because of the accuracy of her answers. Thank you!

Telisha - 29 April 2022

Another incredible read from Makayla. Spot on and always makes me feel at ease. She has said things that have come to pass. Go get a read with Makayla you won't regret it. Thank you x :)

Danni - 25 April 2022

Excellent reading gave me clarity and was spot on. Things she said have come to pass! I would definitely recommend you won't be disappointed. Felt so much better after our chat thank you Makayla. You are my favourite to speak to and I always enjoy chatting. You make me feel at ease and are honest with your read and advice. Fast typer too :) go speak to her you won't be disappointed xx

Danni - 16 April 2022

Thank u

Kristina - 13 April 2022

Thank you so much for helping me Makayla. You were spot on & you have filled me with hope. I will be in contact again. Love & Light x

Christine - 12 April 2022

I was blown away by Makayla today. There’s so much clarity like she has clear answers to every questions. She’s now on my favourite list. Please do contact her. You won’t be disappointed.

Masliza - 1 April 2022

Makayla, you put my mind at rest once again. You are a wise one for your young years. Thanks also - as ever - for typing so quickly and giving me detailed answers to my questions. I will keep you posted ♡

Heather - 31 Maart 2022

She was very awesome at seeing how my situation is going, been guiding me along the way with accuracy

Zach - 30 Maart 2022

Thank you Makayla! You always help me understand the situation and help me feel better.

Annoniem - 29 Maart 2022

Dear Makayla, thank you for sharing your insights. You are always very good.

Deepa - 18 Maart 2022

I really enjoyed the short time we had to talk but what makayla told me did make a lot of sense and pretty much what I'd been told my another phychic but makayla went into more detail. I will be adding to my favourites so we can speak again. ❤️❤️

Nicola - 16 Maart 2022

On Point I must say. I'm very greatful. Thank you Makayla I am glad I met you today.

Joyce - 13 Maart 2022

Makayla is extraordinarily gifted, kind and honest. I’ve been speaking with her for a month or so and feel complete trust and friendship in our conversations. Thank you so much for helping us M! 🌸🌸🌸

Louisa - 28 Februari 2022

Thank you so much for all the readings u did for me. You are one of my favourites here. Thank you for my job prediction, it came true. I would update you and definitely coming for more readings.

Hina - 23 Februari 2022

The kindest woman in the world

Annoniem - 20 Februari 2022

Makayla is absolutely astonishing individual. She has gone above and beyond to help me and give me clarity about things I had never fully understood until now. She’s kind, compassionate, a fast Typer, and you get so much value out of each and every chat. I highly recommend her! Thank you so much!

Ariana - 19 Februari 2022

Wow! We lost connection, please come back on line x

Louisa - 11 Februari 2022

Really good vibe about her and was very direct with answers, which is something I needed. It’s good to have some guidance.

Sarah - 4 Februari 2022

Very point on with everything only thing is we lost contact for 3 minutes so I lost time. 😥

Denise - 3 Februari 2022

First time having a reading with Makayla. Highly recommend her. Makayla credit ran out so I didnt see the reply you were in the middle of typing..😔. And I couldnt get more credit..but thank you..🤗

Jane - 2 Februari 2022

Very good and accurate would off loved to been able to keep a copy of it to re read

Leanne - 24 Januari 2022

Yet another fantastic reading. Thank you very much! 😚Pity the last part got cut off.

H - 22 Januari 2022

Makayla, thank you so much for your reading 💙. It was so nice to hear that everything I have been feeling showed up in your cards. The situation is messy and your were so lovely and non-judgemental. I feel we have more to discuss so I will reconnect very soon. Stay well 💙💙💙

Justine - 14 Januari 2022

A huge thank you for my readings , it's great discussing and reflecting and getting insights tbh, until next time thank you. ❤️

Annabel - 13 Januari 2022

Excellent thank you

Emma - 11 Januari 2022

Always fantastic readings thank you so much,we bounce off ideas,just brilliant

Annabel - 3 Januari 2022

Thanks for looking for me. You were very quick! Thank you for the info. Sorry I cannot afford credits. But keep going on lady❤❤

Lon - 29 December 2021

Amazing, very fast typing, answered all my questions without delays, will come back with updates on predictions. Love and light xx

Jasmine - 29 December 2021

I am so happy I have Makayla here beside me it's amazing how she is so spot on and insightful with complexity of the situation, great readings as always , thank you

Annabel - 28 December 2021

Knew a lot with no information from me.

G - 28 December 2021

These readings have been brilliant tbh, I've been able to share and discuss things in so much depth and understand things more.A very gifted lady guiding him through this situation.clarity and New ways to think about things,thank you and merry Christmas and happy New year

Annabel - 24 December 2021

Brilliant thanks so much for everything you are helping me with, Merry Christmas and happy New year, chat soon

Annabel - 22 December 2021

Excellent reading, wow, thank you so much, must catch up with you soon, take care

Annabel - 13 December 2021

Great reader and accurate!

Kristiane - 29 November 2021

Everything she says truly and deeply resonates. It like talking to a friend who has known me forever.

Kelly - 26 November 2021

Brilliant! Honest, accurate and empathetic!!☀️Thank you

SK - 25 November 2021

I loved my reading really resonated with me

Lauryn - 25 November 2021

This lovely lady hit it on every level! Highly recommend and will go back!!

Kelly - 23 November 2021

She was amazing, got me to a happier place mentally and emotionally.

Zach - 19 November 2021

What you had to say totally resonated with me. Thanks :-)

Heather - 17 November 2021

She seemed to know a lot of things

Kim - 30 Oktober 2021

She was so awesome right on point. I would love to do another reading with her. Thank you so much.

Julie - 29 Oktober 2021

Kind, accurate, detailed responses! Thank you!

Holly - 25 Oktober 2021

Makayla was amazing! She tuned in very quickly. She was entertaining and I enjoyed every minute I spent! Most importantly, what she was saying was accurate. I will definitely look for her again.

LaToya - 19 Oktober 2021

Picked up very accurately

Mellisa - 7 Oktober 2021

Dear Makayla, consulting you was very beneficial. All your insights were spot on, and I love that you expressed your thoughts with much clarity and detail. This gave me a feeling of reassurance and peace. Now I know how I protect myself and my home by bringing about balance and harmony through meditation and prayer. Thank you. Blessings to you and your work.....

Deepa - 1 Oktober 2021

Dear Makayla, thank you for sharing your insights and wisdom. I felt you were very honest, and right with the impressions you shared. It made me feel peace and confidence. Blessings to you and your work...

Deepa - 25 September 2021

Dear Makayla, consulting you was very beneficial. All your insights were spot on, and I love that you expressed your thoughts with much clarity and detail. This gave me a feeling of reassurance and peace. Now I know how I can bring about balance and harmony in the whole situation. Thank you. Blessings to you and your work.....

Deepa - 23 September 2021

Thank you beautiful for this amazing and in detail reading. I. Would definitely be returning to you for more readings🙏

Hina - 16 September 2021

Love Makayla she is spot on and very insightful to whats going on. Thank you for your advice and time

Rachel - 15 September 2021


Leigh - 12 September 2021

Friendly, very kind and helpful! Super interesting reading.

Alisha - 31 Augustus 2021

Direct contact with Makayla