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  • Spiritual development
  • Career / Financial
  • Love and relationship questions

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What can I do for you?

I am a specialist in love and relationships and also Tantra sri Vidya initiated. I am able to feel the energy of a relation or couple and see their connection. I want you to empower your own life and energy to find together the solutions. I can help you with Spiritual guidance and career developement being very accurate also with my messages. I love spiritual guiding questions. You can ask me anything, not judgemental and LGTB friendly! I am always optimistic and glad to help!

Gifts and methods:

  • Clairvoyant
  • Tarot cards
  • Psychic
  • Love coach
  • Oracle cards


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • Listen well
  • Straightforward and practical

About me

Thanks for visiting my profile. My spiritual path is the Greek or Hellenic religion. I believe in the Ancient Greek Gods and I consecrated my journey to divination to Hekate, Apolo, Hermes, Aphrodite...I am a natural psychic and clairvoyant since I remember. Tarot was the door through mysteries and the beginning of my spiritual life. I have been learning also divination through the Greek Alphabet letters as the Ancient Greeks did!

My method

Please tell me your worries. Every topic matters and each question is important. I will be able to connect to your energy but if you help me with some details and a picture I will be more accurate. I will be shuffling my cards for you to connect my reply to your question and the energy of the situation. As soon as I get the answers I will type as quickly as I can. Alternatively, I will be using my Greek alphabet for a piece of advice and insight into the situation.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic US psychic Mediumchat Spanish

Direct contact with Raquel

68 reviews

Thank you so much Raquel for your patience, kindness and soul. You truly have helped me so much. You are so accurate and your predictions manifest and you have such a good energy I never worry to have a reading with you as it is always amazing. The precision is crazy, what you see happens!! Hope you enjoy the rest of your day. Speak soon and much love

Rebecca - 19 September 2021

Wow you are just a beautiful person, thanls for having empath and understanding, you helped me understand and how to handle the situation. Thank you from the bottom of my heart Raquel ❀

Laura - 17 September 2021

Raquel is absolutely amazing. Always accurate with what is happening with poi. Thanks a lot, Raquel. Thanks for making chatting with you easy. Thanks for always being welcoming, non judgemental and comforting.

Abi - 29 Augustus 2021

Thanks, Raquel. Yes, it make sense. Ran out of credit. Thank you so much. πŸ™

Abi - 25 Augustus 2021

She was spot on explaining about the person I was asking about,very good reading thankyou πŸ™πŸ»

Lisa - 23 Augustus 2021

She was very helpful!!! Thanks again Raquel!!!

Widmy - 23 Augustus 2021

Hey! Thank you for my reading the other day! Really appreciate your time, just to let you know that i have lit the candle! Much love and light to you xx

Simerjeet - 17 Augustus 2021

Thank you so very much, I appreciate your reading for me. I think you were absolutely spot on and I agreed with everything you had to say. Raquel is lovely and has made correct predictions for me in a previous reading. She just seems to get it and understands what you need to hear.

Amy - 14 Augustus 2021

Dear Raquel, it was lovely consulting you. You confirmed most of what I felt, and this gave me a very positive feeling to move forward with my goals. Thank you so much for sharing your insights.

Deepa - 13 Augustus 2021

This reading gave me peace, what I was looking for. Raquel was patience, honest, gentle, and to the point. I would love to do it again!

Annoniem - 9 Augustus 2021

Very honest and kind.

Vickey - 31 Juli 2021

She’s very nice and excellent reading .

Gisela - 16 Juli 2021

It was lovely to connect. You are such a sweet soul. In what is a very confusing situation, you have confirmed what I have been feeling. It was so encouraging that you nailed the personalities of the people involved. Thank you so much. I will be in contact again πŸ’™

Justine - 15 Juli 2021

Great reading thank you Lovely lady lots info and a fast typerπŸ’•πŸ’•

Cathy - 12 Juli 2021

Thank you for sharing your insights. I benefited greatly from consulting you.

Deepa - 5 Juli 2021

Straight to the point, quick with guidance and was supportive and very kind. Positive vibes ❀️❀️

Brooke - 30 Juni 2021

She was excellent, very sweet, kind and open minded. A very enjoyable session

Anna - 10 Juni 2021

Pulled my energy without asking anything, barely very good insight she's not just an question and answer reader.

Laurie - 3 Juni 2021

Raquel sees your situation and she will give advice and help. She is gentle and friendly. She’s able to connect with me even if I only told her a brief situation. I had a good time. Thank you and will be back again.

Chantelle - 2 Juni 2021

Lovely reader. Real warm and genuine energy. Picked up on my situation quickly and easily. Accurate and fast responses. Time ran out so I'll thank her now. Much gratitude and love. Highly recommended ❀️❀️❀️❀️

Cheryl - 31 Mei 2021

very gd at her job and start to know me as a person and next time i would like a reading for me.

Katy - 26 Mei 2021

Wonderful reading and clear sufficient info ❀️

Joshi - 22 Mei 2021

she know her stuff and iv will speak to her again

Katy - 8 Mei 2021

Absolutely lovely made me more at ease with my situation xxx

Sasha - 8 Mei 2021

Thanks a lot, you are very good and I don't have to give many details thanks for the advice also hugs

Sam - 6 Mei 2021

She doesn't waste time from us and is accurate. Really wants to help us.

Evie - 4 Mei 2021

Thank you Raquel for your insights that seemed pretty spot on to me. You really illuminated my mind and widened my understanding about my issue at hand. This has shown me new purpose and hope in moving forward. Thanks again!

Deepa - 24 April 2021

She's very good and she can pick up the details really well. I can confirm it . Keep going my Dear πŸ’•

Simon - 22 April 2021

Very accurate information about what I consulted. Because I need some confirmation, also need more thoughts. She devoted what I requested.

Irene - 21 April 2021

Amazing reading thank you so much. I will let you know if there's any change in a few weeks. I really hope your prediction comes true and he asks me out. Much love to you πŸ’•

Lesley - 18 April 2021

I’ve just had a reading with this lady and her insight was so precise. She has really honest and light eat about her deliverance. But gives so much valid information. No time wasting. I felt reassured and understood. ❀️❀️❀️

Lilly - 18 April 2021

Raquel was so warm and genuine, you can just feel the light she illuminates. She was truthful, direct, kind, and was very quick in her responses. She gives as much as she can in whatever time you have and validated much of what I was feeling. I will be back, thank you again Raquel :) Love & Light!

Sharnelle - 17 April 2021
Thank you so much Raquel:) I really appreciate your love , guidance and healing,and clarity my dear angel sister. Please do inbox me the message from my love if possible, whatever message she has for me, shall really appreciate it.

Much love and gratitude
Akheel - 12 April 2021

So on point, Shes Amazing

Angela - 12 April 2021

Very very very good

Lina - 11 April 2021

Picked up things I didn't realise about myself and my situation.

Tara - 8 April 2021

Raquel was very kind and accurate of my person of interest. She was also quick and knew what she was talking about. I will be speaking to her again.

Mo - 7 April 2021

Accurate πŸ’―

Shauntae - 3 April 2021

Thank you Raqual ❀❀ Your reading was spot on, it was like you knew my ex partner personally lol ❀❀ Thank you for your advice and I will definitely let back for another reading ❀❀ I definitely recommend Raqual

Claire - 3 April 2021

Thank you so much for looking. You told directly what you saw directly, this shows that you care about the me, so to the point as well!

Xx - 3 April 2021

Such a lovely light being. And very in-depth spiritual chat that I’m grateful for. Picked up on my POI’s personality to a T. Will call in future too😘

G - 31 Maart 2021

She helped me see things a little better.

Nakita - 29 Maart 2021

Gave very good insight to what I was picturing. I feel better attachment now

Zach - 29 Maart 2021

Beautiful kind lady, very positive and accurate reading, she is a πŸ’Ž gem. Please try her she types fast and answer every question ❀️❀️❀️. I would definitely return πŸ™

Hina - 28 Maart 2021

"I see that he has a lot of job, so mainly he will talk about job"- YES! He talked about his job yesterday. How accurate are you! I believe your other predictions will come to pass too. I'll be back for more. Thank you ever so much.

Anuradha - 25 Maart 2021

Simply amazing. I did not say anything and she hit everything. Very accurate kind and fast to connect too. You will not go wrong with her. Thank you!

Fatima - 25 Maart 2021

We will see what will happen and what her motives are as you told. I'm curious now. Thank you Raquel!

S - 25 Maart 2021

Great reading, thank you!

Vassiliki - 24 Maart 2021

She tapped into my POI quite accurately and provided me with valuable advice. I really appreciate it. Will come back for more advice. A genuine reader. Thank you Raquel, see you soon. xoxoxo

Anuradha - 15 Maart 2021

Feel so much better. To the point. Good connection. Thank you

Joann - 9 Maart 2021

Thank you so much my Priestess Raquel:):) thank you so much the clarity and blessings and your prayers for me and her:):) I really appreciate it, all your guidance.I missed your very last message because the chat ended, please if possible inbox me, so i may read it, will truly appreciate it. Much love and gratitide Akheel

Akheel - 6 Maart 2021

Racquel is a angel didn’t give too much away but still gave a accurate and excellent reading xx thank you

Julie - 4 Maart 2021

She seemed lovely and genuine and I do believe what she said but I'm not a tarot card person. I prefer the psychic medium reading.

Roze - 1 Maart 2021

Absolutely stunning reader 10/10 with accuracy and predictions only one on here that’s been so spot on xx

Rebecca - 1 Maart 2021

Amazing thank you for your help ! X

Ellie - 25 Februari 2021

She made real sense and new things I didn't telk her

Candi - 4 Februari 2021

She was very honest. I kind of already knew how things were between myself and the person I was talking about. She just elaborated it more for me

Edwina_obeda - 2 Februari 2021

Hello Raqual, thank ever so much for your positive energy and blessing. Much love and light and gratitude Goddess Aphrodite and you. Akheel

Akheel - 2 Februari 2021

Raquel has such a beautiful spirit and she is super kind πŸ’œ. She is one of my favorite on here, as she is most accurate towards my readings. I always enjoy talking to her, and she gives me wonderful advice.

Kay - 31 Januari 2021

Raquel is amazing, accurate and kind!! No sugarcoating and does not judge!! Thank you!!!

SK - 31 Januari 2021

Thank you so much I will now wait and see if it unfolds what you told me β™‘ πŸ™β€

Francesca β™‘β™‘ - 26 Januari 2021

Thank you for such a prompt and in-depth reading. I had a 3 question email reading and I loved the way you told me about each card. Everything resonated and matches what others have said. πŸ™πŸ’—

Louise - 25 Januari 2021

Amazing... thank you so mich

Ane Mari - 16 Januari 2021

She’s amazing! Very sweet and Accurate reading I can see things clearer now

Emelie - 15 December 2020

Raquel is very warm and brought positivity. She told me not to lose hope. Very good en genuine.

Sam - 9 December 2020

Oh, what a wonderful and heart warming read, only thing was time, I wish I could have read your last message, its all important. Thank you so much for your love and positive energy Raquel. I now know exactly what she's feeling in her life right now as we speak and I know what I have to do, still I wish I could've read your last message. I didn't have enough credits. Much love and light, thank you so much, real blessing connecting with you.

Akheel - 25 November 2020

She is so good and connected with me really well. Got a good amount of information.

X - 24 November 2020

Thank you very much Raquel! I just hope things get sorted and we get back together.

Annoniem - 21 November 2020

Direct contact with Raquel