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My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • General
  • Break-up / relationship issues

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What can I do for you?

I love helping individuals to figure out what the future may behold or provide healing by an intuitive and emphatic counsel which is provided in conjunction with various tarot cards and themed oracle decks. Have you been wondering how they may feel about you deep down? What the future may behold in a specific dynamic? What options are there for you and the potential outcomes? I specialise in love and relationship related queries and have a vast array of experience in this matter.

Gifts and methods:

  • Tarot cards
  • Relationship coach
  • Co-dependency
  • Oracle cards
  • Angel cards


  • I type quickly
  • Detailed
  • Via angels / guides

About me

Not your typical psychic, although I am a scientist by profession ,the passion and call toward esoteric and occult subjects has led me into the world of divination! It all started by the curious mind wondering about what my future has to offer, so I started studying and researching the subject of divination passionately to later on transfer my knowledge into practise ,few years later I had obtained a wonderful clientele and an even more diverse worldwide audience.

My method

In my practise I use tarot and oracle card decks whether separately or in conjunction with each other to answer your questions accurately or foretell the possible future events. I do not require any visual reference from you ,the cards will permit us to tune into your energy and navigate from there.I can instantaneously shed some light onto a confusing situation and even provide general time frames, which you can keep in mind and work with for better attainment of your desired outcome in life.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.


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86 reviews

Utterly brilliant. Backed up a few things that I have been told before. Thank you xxx

Jan - 2 Augustus 2020

Very accurate without needing any info from me. Made me feel calmer. Have to wait and see what the next month brings

Martina - 2 Augustus 2020

Simona is amazing. I’ve had many readings with her and she’s great and very gifted. Picks up things strongly. She is my go to when I need advice. Always accurate with her predictions and time frames. I would say she’s the best on here. Very quick and gets to the point. Always settles my mind speaking with her. Lovely lady xxx

Laura - 28 Juli 2020

I ran out of credits but I've found Simona to be really comforting and assuring. I had a bad start to my week and I feel that her advice has helped me. Thank you!

Victoria - 28 Juli 2020

Simona is a very caring, beautiful lady. Very smart with her vocabulairy/choice of words. She gives so many information as possible in the time I had and I could find myself in it also. She has also great knowledge as well on how certain things work.

Sonia - 26 Juli 2020

What an absolutely amazing reader. Highly recommend and will be back. Thank you I can’t wait for all your predictions to manifest .

Ravinder - 26 Juli 2020

Wow Simona!! It’s so impressive to see how much you can read from cards!!😍 Spot on on every aspect.. You’ve made me feel so much better, and yes I feel like I need to let my guard down a bit. I hope to see a positive outcome in near future. Thank you so much Simona for such detailed email. You’re doing an amazing job ☺️ Xx

Anna - 26 Juli 2020

I wish I could put excellent. Everyone on here varies on personal style and Simona goes above and beyond to deliver. I should have made my mind up and bought the full 20 minutes as she crammed so much information into that entire session. I'm so grateful to her. I also wish I'd perhaps come to her sooner. I'm grateful for every reading I've had on here and she's given me a lot of hope. I think she's very blessed. Xx

Victoria - 25 Juli 2020
Simona is one of the best. I've come to her on numerous occasions and she's been spot on each and every time. She's direct. Tells it how it is but is kind and compassionate in her approach. She uses time effectively and I'll always come back.
Sha.. - 24 Juli 2020

It's very hard to get hold of simona as she is always busy but with the email I was able to get lots of information and alot of advice I am now waiting for her prediction. Thank you so much xxxxx will definitely email again saves time in waiting and answers quickly πŸ₯°πŸ₯°πŸ₯°

Taiba - 24 Juli 2020

She told me everything I needed to hear and know thank you x

Lorena - 21 Juli 2020

She tuned in my story so accurately and quickly. Gave me a lot of charities within my situations as well as useful advice. I can't thank you enough I will defs come back to update you. God bless you!

Anniie - 20 Juli 2020

Thank you xx

Veronika - 19 Juli 2020

Very quick to respond and got straight to the point.

Lyn - 19 Juli 2020

She was absolutely amazing. What she said tallied up. Thank you so much for my reading and im sure i will be back xxx

Sasha - 19 Juli 2020

Excellent details and very passionate and attentive.

Brandie - 18 Juli 2020

Simona read me and my life like a book. She is quick and easily connected to my situation. Best part is that she is so gifted, genuine and truly wants the best for you. Thank you much Simona. You have been a true angel in this difficult time.xx

Gayathri - 16 Juli 2020

She is awesome!! Will definitely contact her .

Aparna - 15 Juli 2020

She gave me so much information in short time! Like wow! Gave me some timelines and info from my side as well.

Annoniem - 15 Juli 2020

Great reader. Amazing fast typing. Answers come very quickly. Said similar things to others I’ve spoken to . Seems sure of her answers and I’d be keen to chat to her again. Hope it all comes true.

Kanoie - 11 Juli 2020

Amazing as always!

Fabiola - 6 Juli 2020

Talking to Simona is like talking to a friend that you have known for many years. She gets me and has the ability to read what I need. She is great.

Carmen - 6 Juli 2020

Super fast at replying, she knew details only I knew which was intuitive to say the least, let’s hope your right. Thanks.

John - 4 Juli 2020

You are truly amazing ❀️❀️❀️

Claire - 3 Juli 2020

Very accurate, the level of detail is fantastic! Will definately use again and highly recommend

CAROLINE - 3 Juli 2020

Simona is just amazing, I have had several readings with her now and she is just so accurate and detailed.. everything she has said has so far been true! Also so intuitive and full of empathy. Just fabulous. πŸ˜€

Dawn - 2 Juli 2020

Again highly recommend, such a fast typer, can answer any question very quickly and very accurate.

John - 2 Juli 2020

I have had a couple of readings with Simona. She is the best tbh she is “GIFTED” She picks Up And connects really fast, types quick. Tells u everything without even asking. I feel connected with her, i feel I am known by a stranger 😊. Her predictions are on spot. I do recommend her.i will always come back for Simona. She is my favourite 😊

Salma - 1 Juli 2020

she’s awesome!

Fabiola - 29 Juni 2020

Helped me clarify my where I am .

Van - 28 Juni 2020

Simona was brilliant answered my question and gave me hope. I will contact her again no problem. Very easy to talk too.

Monique - 27 Juni 2020

Very sweet and fast typerπŸ’›

Lyna - 27 Juni 2020

Simona has a gift. I felt so positive and spiritually connected when I talked to her and during our current session she gave me answers even before i asked her anything. She is very comforting and kind and talks to the point. She types very fast and in great detail. Thank you Simona! You are bringing a lot of comfort to peoples lives. :)

Tia - 26 Juni 2020

Simona is wonderful and very very patient with all my questions and always tried to clarify what I’m feeling. To see it in many ways and she always gets me to understand

Carmen - 22 Juni 2020

It made my day today talking to Simona. She has become and important part of my journey. She has taught me so much in a short time. I’m able to get in touch with my feelings much better. Thank you so much

Carmen - 22 Juni 2020

Gives amazing advice. Thank you so much

Lesley - 22 Juni 2020

A very fast typer I only asked a brief question, and the response time was very quick. I wasn’t expecting much but I spent only a few mins and got an answer. The dates going in the calendar.

John - 22 Juni 2020

Just great. Totally understood everything. Would have loved to go back on. But I will in the future . Thank you x

Joyce - 21 Juni 2020

Thank you Simona for an amazing reading. It as if you knew my whole situation. You gave me clarity and its has made me feel more positive and at ease.

Lynda - 20 Juni 2020

Simona is great. She clarifies so many questions. She is very quick to respond. She isn’t pushy, she’s honest and to the point. Her advice has become like a beacon for me. She makes that fog that one feels go away and makes the questions one has much more clear. Thank you Simona

Carmen - 19 Juni 2020

You are simply brilliant and very detailed and very compassionate and also fun to talk to

Taj - 18 Juni 2020

She gives me great comfort. Her prediction came true about contact. I hope everything else will fall into place. I so appreciate you.

Carmen - 16 Juni 2020

Thank you so much.

Carmen - 15 Juni 2020

Love this advisor. Very straight forward. Ethical.

Cornell - 14 Juni 2020

Thank you. You have been wonderful and have taught me so much.

Carmen - 14 Juni 2020

I quite liked her overall energy. But the reading unfortunately did not resonate for me. She got a few things wrong regarding my person of interest. It just didn't align with what I know to be true. I really like Simona and she does come highly recommended.

Gail Nash - 14 Juni 2020

Thank you so much Simona, you gave me a lot of information in a short time! You even can do timeframes, I amazed. So sweet πŸ’›β­

M. - 14 Juni 2020

She knew things she couldnt have . She used phases that the person i asked about would use. Wow just wow. She knew alot

Jessica - 10 Juni 2020

Thank you very much Simona for a wonderful and amazing reading. I will let you know if your predictions will unfold.

Cristina - 7 Juni 2020

I’m praying that everything she told me is true. I felt a connection with Simona, I will look for more guidance from her. And Simona I’m doing my homework.

Carmen - 7 Juni 2020

Totally worth it

Cathy - 6 Juni 2020

Thank you for hope. Looking forward to 6 weeks for recon 🀷‍♂️. Great reading

Nicola - 6 Juni 2020

My reading was excellent. Thank you so much. You explained the issues perfectly and gave me insight and answers going forward. I’ve already recommended you to my friends. Xxxx

Jan - 6 Juni 2020

Simona, was quick and efficient. Her calming energy out a lot into perspective for me and I couldn’t have asked for a better session. I highly recommend Simona.

Mumbi - 4 Juni 2020

Dear Simona, Many thanks for your detailed, thoughtful and insightful email reading. What you said has very much resonated with me and I feel much more at peace with the issues I have been dealing with. I will definitely contact you again in the future when I require guidance.

Karen - 3 Juni 2020

Excellent spot on with everything will definitely be back she has put me at ease

Stacey - 1 Juni 2020

Absolutely amazing what she said absolutely made sense in the 3 mins, she's very lovely unfortunately my free 3 minutes were up and when I went to get more credit Simona was off line. But I am waiting for her to be online again so we carry on where we left off! Recommend 100%

Raga - 1 Juni 2020

Second Chat with Simona today and she's been spot on 100% and has given me all the answers that I needed, fast typer, very genuine and straight to the point and also very kind and comforting I will definitely be back to chat to Simona very soon, an absolute Angel!

Raga - 1 Juni 2020

I can't believe she knew so much!! I didn't say anything. Will be contacting her again!

Shelley - 1 Juni 2020

She is very good will have another reading at point again

Julie - 31 Mei 2020

Simona is always very detailed in our readings & very patience. Makes sure all questions are answered & very reassuring.

Sara - 29 Mei 2020

Review for Simona She predicted last week that communication will get better and within 9 days he will be romantic that’s exactly what happened! Truly very gifted and worth every second of the minute paid for !! She deserves full stars ✨

Annoniem - 26 Mei 2020

Generally a good quick reading. will need to see with time what comes to pass!

Flame - 26 Mei 2020

I wud love to talk more 

Baljit - 25 Mei 2020

Very clear & to the point. Could relate to what she was saying in every way

Sara - 25 Mei 2020

Wow. I'm not blown away often but this was accurate, fast, positive, highly energetic.. mind blown. Thank you for your wonderful help.

Taj - 23 Mei 2020

Thank you so much for your time this evening Simona. Everything you said I could relate to and you have really given me peace of mind! Lovely lady and would definitely recommend x

Lauren - 22 Mei 2020

Amazing beautiful lady would highly recommend X

Lisa - 19 Mei 2020

My reading was so accurate, I did not feel rushed , Thank you x

Sarah - 18 Mei 2020

Won’t know if what Simone has said was accurate until they actually happen . Only time will tell

Claire - 18 Mei 2020

Just amazing

Claire - 18 Mei 2020

Very accurate reading was spot on , thank you

Fiona - 17 Mei 2020

I love Simona, she is very relatable, easy to talk too and her reading was spot on. She is also a very fast typer, I'm so glad I chose her.

Aurial - 17 Mei 2020

Simona is lovely and very accurate, thank you for a great reading. Hopefully it all works out that way!

Dawn - 16 Mei 2020

Simona is amazing. She was sooooo accurate. She picked up on details from my past with my POI and the details were so spot on I'm in shock.

Aby - 15 Mei 2020

I had a great reading with Simona, it really gave me more clarity and detail that i was looking for. She was a fast typer and was very clear and honest. She makes you feel good and relaxed after a reading.

Alisha - 14 Mei 2020

For such a short amount of time, she told me a lot of relevant stuff, I had 3 mins free and then paid for 10 mins- reassuring and if I wanted an insight I would def use again!

Sam - 11 Mei 2020

Amazing chat, she made me feel like yeah!... I am on the right path!

Serita - 9 Mei 2020

I was hesitant to do a reading at first so did the first 3 minutes for free and Simona was spot on so did another 10 minutes and I must say all she said was spot on. Will be happy to contact her again for another reading if I need further guidance. Thank you Simona 😊

Abygail - 9 Mei 2020

Another great reading I look forward to the predictions. ❀️

Laura - 8 Mei 2020

Thank you, Simona. Really liked the fact that you were trying to give as much information as possible in a given time, and also, that you seemed carefully chose how you communicate things, by what I mean is that chatting to you didn't felt that you think that you know everything, or that you are taking one side or another, more like advise from a friend with a good insight. Must say I am picky with my friends, as well as people who I trust to give me any kind of advise, maybe that's why it was the first reading I had in many years, but a few of your thoughts will stay with me as an inspiration for the future, thank you!

Julija - 8 Mei 2020

I couldn’t have asked for a better person to contact- outstanding. Thanks

Freddie - 5 Mei 2020

I was blown away with what Simona knew. Never had a reading be so accurate.

Laura - 5 Mei 2020

Just hope and pray it all comes true.

Amie - 5 Mei 2020

I will come back as soon as possible thank you!!!

Alexis - 5 Mei 2020

Simona was amazing. She gave me great hope for the future. Such a positive reading. Now....lets wait and be patient

Sandra - 5 Mei 2020

Direct contact with Simona