10 Things You Deserve In A Relationship

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Intimate relationships are an essential part of what makes us social beings. We all crave to love and be loved. There is a popular quote that goes thus "It is better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. It further goes to show that as humans we love LOVE, and are willing to go the distance for that one person our heart chooses.

Thoughts of your partner should always bring a smile to your face, you should continually feel like the only one in the world when you're with him/her. Your relationship should constantly satisfy your need for companionship.

When relationships feel unfulfilling and tiring, it is a clear-cut sign that you are being starved of some very essential things that everyone deserves in a relationship.

What are these essential and fundamental things? That is what this article aims to shed more light upon. We are going to be listing out the ten essentials that every woman deserves to be spoilt within her relationship. Here we go:

1.    Mutual Trust:
This is a very major key in your relationship. You deserve a partner who trusts you completely and vice versa. Relationships devoid of trust always end up taking its toll on both individuals. This is because distrust breeds insecurity, and there is nothing worse than having a grossly insecure partner. On the other hand, trust fosters confidence in your partner, and in the long term, your relationship will be better for it.

2.    Loads of Laughter:
You deserve someone with a good sense of humor. Someone who understands and appreciates your humor and vice versa. Laughter can smooth over even the worst days, so you deserve someone who can always make you laugh at the end of the night. Your partner should be willing to be your clown, to bring a smile to your face.

3.    An Honest Partner:
Honesty cannot be overemphasized in a relationship. It is honesty that breeds trust and also stamps out distrust. You deserve a partner who is totally honest with you in both the small and big issues. When you find someone you can always vouch for regardless of circumstances, never let him/her go. Remember, honesty breeds trust, and in turn trust breeds confidence in the relationship.

4.    Safety:
This is another major essential. You should always feel safe with your man. It is essential that he is always there to guard you both physically and emotionally. He should be your comfort zone, where you can feel relaxed in the knowledge that you are fully protected and not in harm's way. You deserve a partner who is your protector at all times.

5.    A Confidant:
We all have fears and insecurities, having someone you can readily share them with is another must in any good relationship. You should be able to share anything with each other, and not fear judgment or blame from each other. Again, he should serve as a comfort zone where you feel free to express your thoughts and feelings. Your partner should be a good listener, always willing and ready to lend his ears to your fears.

6.    Mutual Respect:
This is very important in building a good relationship. Be with someone who respects you and more importantly respects himself. You will find that it is easier to develop mutual respect when your partner acts in a reasonable and appropriate manner at all times. Where there is mutual respect, growth is a sure thing. As they say, respect is reciprocal.

7.    An Avenue to Grow: Relationships should be about forwarding movement and growth. You deserve a partner who strives always to help you be better. He should always look to improve you in every facet, and at every given opportunity. A better you not only benefit him, but it also boosts your self-confidence which will help build and foster a stronger relationship. You deserve a relationship where you're constantly being led to greater heights.

8.    Intimacy:
This should be a permanent fixture in your relationship. You deserve a partner who is not afraid of intimacy and is very in touch with his emotions. He should respect your boundaries, and not force you to be intimate in ways you're not comfortable with. Sex should be a satisfying getaway with your partner, you deserve to always feel warm and fuzzy with him in between the sheets.

9.    Spontaneity:
You deserve breakfast in bed, surprise dinners and other exciting surprises. Your relationship should not be mundane and predictable. Spontaneous acts serve as fuel to continually drive passion and excitement in your relationship. Be with someone who is always looking to take your breathe away and regularly sweeps you off your feet.

10.    Loads of Love:
Most of all, you deserve love. You deserve to be adored, cherished and fawned over by your partner. He should always make you feel like you're the only girl in the world. He should love you at your best and worst times. This is by far the most important factor in the health of your relationship. Love should be a constant fire that does not cease or wane. As the popular vow goes "In sickness, and in health". You deserve someone who loves you unconditionally and will always be there to prove his love.

There you have it. Ten essentials that will help you feel fulfilled and loved in your relationship. Relationships require time, energy and an equal amount of efforts to work. By looking out for these signs, you'll be able to know the real deal, and also avoid investing your time and energy in unfulfilling relationships.

Your relationship should tick all the right boxes and ease your pangs of companionship. If it is not doing any of that, it is best to rid yourself of it.
Remember, you are smart, kindhearted and beautiful, you deserve the best a relationship has to offer.

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