Can a Psychic Tell If Someone Loves You?

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While most people make use of their 5 senses and the reasonable mind to grasp and understand the world around them, psychics use their 6th sense and intuition to understand the world we cannot see, but still exist. And although this seems far-fetched for most people today, who still consider there’s nothing more than the eyes can see, science has already made important advancements in this sense.
The string theory, for instance, states that there are parallel dimensions that resonate at different vibrations; and at times they may interact with each other. The concept of parallel universes states that there are infinite universes that all happen simultaneously and that in each one you exist on a different vibration. Consequently, there is no linear time and space, and everything happens now. All your past, present and future existences happen in this very moment.
Modern science is trying to explain the useable, the unexplainable that goes beyond the physical, the material world. The reason is that the material has physical limits, beyond which you can go but within. One of these things that still aren’t fully explained are the extrasensory senses that some people have.

Some people have the ability to sense other people’s energies, their auras, they can even read their minds and predict possible future events. They see what most of us cannot see. Scientists who probe the human mind agree that there are people who can see what we, the ordinary, cannot encompass. While this gift may have been considered witchcraft in the Middle Ages, today psychics or mediums, have started to embrace their gift and use it to help themselves and others.

What is a Psychic?

Psychic people are either born with so-called “supernatural” capacities, or they cultivate them. You may be amazed at first, once you understand them and how they work, but after a while you will see that they are normal, and we are the ones who have lost the capacities. The fact that we no longer have them could be the universe’s way to protect us against the aggressions that we would otherwise experience. 
Unfortunately, most people can hardly differentiate between a psychic and a fraud. One simple test is to ask them about a past event in your life that only or very few people know about. If they pass the test, they may be the psychic you were looking for.

How Does a Psychic “Mind” Work?

Or better said, intuition. Psychics receive information that most of us, do not have access to. The reason that not all of us can access this information is still unknown. Although we generally call them psychic or clairvoyant, they actually fall in different categories, depending on how they perform their “reading”. Some psychics read your aura and can tell about past and present events in your life. Others hear voices (not schizophrenic) that dictate them what to say, they are channelers or information. There are psychics who can “read” a person’s handwriting and tell you a great deal of information only by hovering their hand over a piece of written paper. It’s needless to say that some can access your soul and see your entire life unrolling in front of them like a movie, and others fall in a trance-like state and use their intuition to give you valuable information.

What Can a Real Psychic Tell You?

Most psychic can read someone’s real intentions and thoughts, how they feel and what their health state is. They can also access information about your past and present. Of course, they can tell how some people feel about you, if they are truthful or not and what their real intentions are.
Can they predict future? It takes a very intuitive and evolved clairvoyant to foresee the future. The reason is that both past and future are created from the present moment. Hence, your future can differ greatly depending on your present state of being. Given that we are a different individual with each second that goes by, predicting a detailed and exact future is most likely an impossible to do. A good psychic will offer you a view towards a probable future.
But let’s get to our most important question:

Can a Psychic Tell If Someone Loves You?
As I’ve said earlier a good psychic can read your aura, that is your energy field surrounding you. This aura is not just a colorful outer layer, but something greater. It can offer information about you emotional and physical state, about the thoughts that you’re thinking and how they impact you now. Even more, a psychic can also see in your aura the destiny of the people who are dear to you or close to you, as they can also be depicted from your aura reading.
A psychic who can read through your soul and access your very personal cosmic archive, generally referred to as Akasha, can also tell you what other people think and feel about you. It’s enough to look at you once, and he or she will know your entire life. They can also remote read your thoughts or even view people in your life and read their intentions towards you. Such as feelings of love or of other nature.
The answer is YES! A good psychic can tell you if someone loves you or not only by reading your aura, or by showing them a picture of that person or handwriting.

Bottom line
There are people with psychic abilities around us, without any shadow of a doubt! There people have a very fine-tuned intuition and can easily access or channel information from our spirit guides or higher mind. They can tell us a lot of things about who we truly are, things we didn’t acknowledge until now. They can even tell you is someone loves you or not and what their real intentions are.
However, there is one limitation that these people have. That limitation speaks of the infinite probabilities of the future. Again, future and past are derived from the present moment. That is why it’s important to be aware of the state of being that you have now, because this is what will grow into the future too.
In the end, it’s you who create the life you’re living. Psychic readers are only permission slips for you to be more of who you are. If you want to be loved, be love, if you want to be happy, have a happy state of being. Whatever you want to have, become or achieve, manifest that state into the magical moment of NOW, as that will become you.

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