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What can I do for you?

Dear one, As you come into this conversation, be assured that you are entering a safe and clear space of healing and unconditional love, so please allow yourself a moment to pause, relax and breathe. <3 My intuitive guidance is aimed to support your spiritual journey, by revealing and providing understanding into the aspects that are otherwise difficult to acknowledge. This information can therefore be of great assistance in the process of self healing and personal growth. The messages can refer to the present, future or past and they can also bring about situations from other lives, times, spaces and / or dimensions. However, I am generally focussed on the present moment, as this is indeed the only time to heal, clear, grow and create your reality. In the case of channelings, there's usually an inflow of light energy coming through the channel, which creates further adjustments and balance in your energy field. I am also sending healing energy in the background throughout the conversation. Looking forward to see what Spirit has in store for you at this time!

Gifts and methods:

  • Angel reader
  • Reiki
  • Lightworker
  • Psychic
  • Life coach


  • I feel your energy
  • Via angels / guides
  • I give advice

About me

Welcome dear one and thank you for your connection and presence! I am Namura, a spiritual guide and healer in service of Gaia and all her inhabitants. From an early age, my connection to the spiritual world led me to explore various meditation, healing and readings techniques, both on my own and by attending spiritual development workshops and classes. Being driven to further help others, I therefore got trained as Archangel Life Coach, Angelic Medium and Angelic Reiki practitioner healer. I am constantly working with energy, Light Language, Sacred Geometry, crystals and other high vibrational tools and methods and most of my work is based on the guidance received through channeling various high vibration Light Beings, including my Higher Self. I find working with other people extremely inspiring, as everyone is going through an unique journey, which holds endless lessons. I welcome you with open arms and I'm looking forward to assisting you on your path of truth and healing! Love and blessings, Namura

My method

My readings are meant to offer insights into any core issues that may create fear, blockages and pain at any level and also advise as to how to heal and overcome these. At the same time, they can help uncover the infinite beauty that resides within you, ultimately leading to more self-acceptance and love. My abilities also enable me to connect and communicate with other realms, which can open new directions of your journey and aspects of your soul that have not yet been explored. The information that I am providing comes in different ways and it's generally a combination of various methods, such as: - reading your energy field - accessing the Akashic Records - mediumship - channeling various High Vibration Light Beings and energies, such as Source, Angels, Spirit Guides, Your Soul and Higher Self, Galactic Light beings - oracle and tarot cards (I read tarot mainly intuitively) One way or another, Spirit will always find the most suited way to provide the information that is relevant for you and that you are now prepared to hear. It might not always be what you are expecting to hear, but it is important to trust that whatever comes through it is always for your highest good. There is nothing in particular that you need to do in order for the reading to 'work', however it is helpful if you are open to it. It also helps with establishing an accurate connection if you are able to provide me with your real name, date of birth and a recent photo, however these are not mandatory. Disclaimer: As much as the results can be often amazing, my readings are not meant to replace any sort of medical treatments and therapies. At the same time, I don't assume any liability for the misuse of the services and / or information provided.​Thank you for understanding that out of respect for people's privacy, I will not be agreeing to using my psychic abilities in order to acquire information referring to other people, without their prior consent.


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

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10 reviews

Great reading!

SK - 27 Maart 2021

I really enjoyed this chat. She was fast and full of detail. And just plainly said it as it was. A pure spiritual reading. Lots of emotions came through. Thank you. X

Lilly - 21 Februari 2021

thank you!

Emy - 25 Januari 2021

Excellent reading, quick, accurate, great insights.

Kiran - 16 Oktober 2020

Thanks so much you were very spot on thanks 😊 enjoy your day lovely

Dimitra - 9 September 2020

She is amazing love you for that

Kriti - 30 Augustus 2020

Very good

Luz - 20 Augustus 2020

Connected straight away very detailed pleasure to speak to thankyou

Victoria - 18 Augustus 2020

Loana was very patient in answering my million questions, and was able to provide me with a starting point for the next stage of my career/life. I feel emboldened. Thank you so much!

Jess - 16 Augustus 2020

She tuned into my situation quickly and was accurate with many details she provided that I did not give. I will use her again!

Donna - 15 Augustus 2020

Direct contact with Ioana