πŸ’• Psychic, Medium, Tarot cards reader and Healer

My Specialties:

  • Love and relationship questions
  • Break-up / relationship issues
  • Contact with loved ones in Spirit

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What can I do for you?

Ask me questions about your love life, your relationship or life choices: I will be happy to feel into the situation with the help of your loved ones in spirit πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡, Angels πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈand Tarot cards πŸƒ, and help you make sense of it all and find the best way forward. We will work together to find your step by step path towards success in life and love! πŸ’•

Gifts and methods:

  • Reader
  • Tarot cards
  • Psychic
  • Medium
  • Psychological issues


  • Empathetic and insightful
  • I type quickly
  • I feel your loved ones in Spirit

About me

I am an experienced psychic medium and Tarot reader, having worked with Spirit since 2005. My Tarot reading style is intuitive channelling. I use Tarot cards πŸƒ, Spirit Guides, Angels πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ§šβ€β™€οΈ and loved ones in Spirit πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡. My readings are gentle but to the point, as I aim to support you blossom into your real self. My areas of expertise are Love/Relationship and Career/Life Purpose, but I can work with any aspect you want. I'm also a healer by vocation. πŸ’•

My method

Feel free to ask me any question, no judgment here only understanding. πŸ˜ƒ I will tune into the situation connecting to my Higher Self and the Beings of light who work with me (Angels, Spirit Guides, Loved ones in Spirit). I also use the Tarot cards πŸƒ to have a visual reading of the situation. I won't keep you waiting because I can type quickly. πŸ’•


* Note: I love to advise you, but I am not a replacement for medical specialist.

Languages / Country

English speaking psychic Mediums Italy

Direct contact with Lara

132 reviews

Very honest and to the point and knew my husbands state of mind . Thank you

Melissa - 13 Juli 2021

Wonderful :)

Katie - 5 Juni 2021

She really gives me good insight on my situation, Really wait on her to get back online so we can talk more, 1000% on point

Felicia - 5 Juni 2021

Very calm and reassuring

Stacey - 25 Mei 2021

Thank you for the reading. It was lovely

Dean - 20 Mei 2021

Lara’s chats are amazing. She gives you so much information in such a short space of time. Thanks Lara :) x

Louise.Davies1980 - 7 Mei 2021

Luna was amazing she read into my work and love situation pretty well in such a small time frame and she is very easy to get on with which makes you feel more at ease.

Francesca - 4 Mei 2021

Loved the reading with lara gave me some insight into what i need to do xx

Jennifer - 29 April 2021

She gave me clarity and explained well thank youπŸ’œπŸ’œ

Kayla - 27 April 2021

Lara is very accurate.

Audrey - 27 April 2021

Lara is amazing had few readings with her ,she is spot on and very accurate. Her predictions came true in the past .I would recommend her to everyone. Thank you lara xx

Manpreet - 27 April 2021

Very very good. Thank you very much.

Jennifer - 22 April 2021

Thanks Lara that was good reading. Help me through the day.

Vy - 22 April 2021

Good reading thanks

Farah - 21 April 2021

Lara is amazing 🀩 and now I’m just waiting for everything that was discussed to unfold ☺️

Louise.Davies1980 - 21 April 2021

Open my eyes to see someone in another view. Very natural chat and get a good result!

Irene - 20 April 2021

Thank you so much Lara fir such a beautiful reading. So accurate of my husband xx

Nicola - 20 April 2021

Lara was good picked up on my problems and gave great clarification. Will come back.

Lily (Ruhena) - 16 April 2021

Thank you for your insights Ms Lara. I feel more clear now.

Deepa - 12 April 2021

Lara is always very precise in every question you ask of her. She was always truthful in everything, and when there are unpleasant things ahead, she has got the tact to say things accordingly

Sara - 10 April 2021

Thank You Lara, I enjoyed my reading from you I feel happy that I got to communicate with Dan on a spiritual level! I’ll take the advice on board Kat

Katrina - 7 April 2021

Lara was very good

Maria - 7 April 2021


Pam - 7 April 2021

Absolutely amazing ❀️

Amy - 6 April 2021

Lara gave me clear sense of what I thought about but wasn’t sure of

Amanda - 5 April 2021

Lara was very polite and very nice to talk to. She made me feel at ease. Lovely lady xx

Laura - 2 April 2021

Lara is amazing, I had wonderful reading with her she is very accurate and point on .thank you lara xx

Manpreet - 2 April 2021

Lara is very kind and my reading went well today, she is very detailed in her readings and asks questions to make sure you understand what she is telling you. I’ve enjoyed my reading with Lara and I’ll be back to update her, she definitely put my mind to ease.

Melanie - 1 April 2021

Lara was amazing and picked up on something I never thought of and needing to work on myself. So warm and tuned in. Will definitely be back!

Melissa - 1 April 2021
Absolutely love her!! Answered whatever I asked and was so polite!
Thank you so much Lara❀️
Tammy - 29 Maart 2021

Thank you for your guidance, and compassion, really really appreciated.

Jillian - 29 Maart 2021

just by giving two date of births Lara was able to read what was going to happen in the next couple of months .................... explained everything so clearly and concise thank you i will certainly be back and keep you updated xx THANK YOU X

Julie - 26 Maart 2021

She was very polite and made me feel good of myself and answered all my questions

Isabella - 26 Maart 2021

Fast typer and straight to the point! Very accurate reading without any prior information, has definitely given me clarity and a sense of relief!

Jake - 15 Maart 2021

The reading was in-depth and spiritual. Lara was kind, understanding and could see well into my Poi’s personality.

G - 12 Maart 2021

Excellent reader!!! Would highly recommend!!

SK - 26 Februari 2021


Cathy - 24 Februari 2021

Kind and straight to the point!

Jake - 22 Februari 2021

Everything she said was on point

Lianne - 20 Februari 2021

She’s cool told me what I wanted try her it’ll be great!

Monika - 20 Februari 2021

Thank you Lara for the lovely reading. The phone rang at the end so I was distracted and didn't know what to do! but will read your comments again when I can. thank you x

Tammy - 16 Februari 2021

Absolutely loved today chat as it got high jacked by my grandad. Haven't had a reading like this before so loved every minute of it. Xxx

Sasha - 5 Februari 2021

It was a joy talking to Laura. I will return for sure.

LaToya - 3 Februari 2021

Lara was absolutely spot on, she is a straightforward and intuitive medium. It was very easy to chat and clearly understand all her suggestions. I will give her an update in due time. thanks. E

Elisa - 2 Februari 2021

Absolutely spot on! I hope what was said will come true. Thank you laraβ™‘

Francesca β™‘β™‘ - 1 Februari 2021

It is always a pleasure to talk to Lara. I was worried I would not be able to apply to college, and she told me it was still possible, despite having less than a week to do so. She was very clear about what needed to be done. Thank you Lara :)

Sara - 31 Januari 2021

Patient, consistent and accurate reading

K - 27 Januari 2021

She was on point with everything.

Megan - 31 December 2020

So lovely and glad she managed to bring my Grandmother through. Very accurate. Thanks, Lara!

Kelly - 28 December 2020

I really enjoyed my session with Lara she was correct in what she said for me . A very comforting reading I would certainly work with her again in the future

Jonathan - 2 December 2020

Nice lady. Gave me some deeper insight πŸ™πŸ½

Lilly - 29 November 2020

Lara was very kind and reading was very good, still curious of what is yet to come, but time will tell. Not done one of these online chats before - good to be able to download the chat afterwards. Thank you for your time Lara

Patricia - 20 November 2020

Very accurate and on point

Catherine - 18 November 2020

Thank You Lara for the reading today 😊 I’ve just to wait and see the Outcome

Katrina - 11 November 2020

I really wish I could continue the chat. Sadly my free credits ran out and have some financial issues to continue back. Thank you very much for this reading!

Annoniem - 1 November 2020

She is very accurate and honest

Audrey - 29 Oktober 2020

Very helpful, I hope to talk again soon she had a lot of insight. I will defenatly be back.

Ana - 28 Oktober 2020

She gave good guidance and advice on how to move forward relevant to present circumstances

Nikki - 28 Oktober 2020

Lara was amazing, she gave me clear answers to relationship issues.

Linda - 25 Oktober 2020

Thanks Lara it was interesting. Very interesting, I wish i had booked for a longer pack to extract more information. All this knowledge of future gives me goosebumps but then it also reinstates our belief in karma and God. Thanks shall be back.

Deepak - 23 Oktober 2020

Lara is very friendly and helpful with the information she gave me

Jess - 21 Oktober 2020

Lara was amazingly insightful! Definitely made me worry less about my situation

Michelle - 19 Oktober 2020

Very insightful, caring and deep messaging

Liene - 15 Oktober 2020

She seemed to know some stuff tht she couldn't of known, I will see if what she says comes true

Caroline - 14 Oktober 2020

I could of chatted to her all day he was very good

Mel - 14 Oktober 2020

Lovely person, good guidance and understanding, she picked up my situation well.

Kiran - 13 Oktober 2020

Lara was very helpful and kind. I can't wait to speak with her again!

Louise - 8 Oktober 2020

Lara was very accurate about my situation and provided lots of details that noone could just know. Just excellent.

Jasmine - 7 Oktober 2020

she gave me clarity and i like what she told me hopefully what she said is true. thank you Lara bless you 🌸

Nancy - 30 September 2020

Lara touched base with my questions very good

Caitriona - 30 September 2020

Was a good reading :)

Annoniem - 30 September 2020

Love ❀️ her - 27 September 2020

She is great!

Liene - 22 September 2020

Very pleased with my short reading from Lara. She answered my questions and made me feel at ease ☺️

Ami - 21 September 2020

Very good advice, very precise and caring

Claire - 16 September 2020

No prompting needed, gave advise, and knew things, im quite sceptical at times. So was quite amazed of how much, was known, with out giving anything away.

Stephanie - 11 September 2020

She was spot on. Connect me with my grandmother and I was in Awh and shaken the rest the day! In an amazing way!!

Maddie - 9 September 2020

Thank you Laura for the wonderful read.I was honest with you about my situation and what I liked and appreciated is you give solid advice and you don't judge at all.i hope and pray that things remain positive .

Sharon - 6 September 2020

Amazing.... Tuned in to me, hit the nail on head of how I'm feeling, my moving forward. Just wish the time hadn't run out

Joanna - 4 September 2020

You comforted me, i sure hope its true i really apreciate youre help! And your answers❀️❀️❀️

Marilyn - 4 September 2020

Thanks Lara!! After our chat I feel relieved from all those negative thoughts which was chocked my mind .. :-) You helped me to come out of those negativity.. Thanks a ton!!

Seema - 26 Augustus 2020

Miss Lara was very accurate about my Situation and she provided very helpful information! Thank you very much!

Aimilia - 23 Augustus 2020

Lara is always a pleasure to have readings with. She is very reassuring and puts you immediately at ease. She can give you very detailed answers to your questions.

Sara - 22 Augustus 2020

You have settled me completely. I really can’t thank you enough. I will keep you posted and come back and have another reading from you x

Jan - 17 Augustus 2020

It was very good to speak to Ms Lara. She was able to tune in very well and explain the root of the issue I faced.

Deepa - 13 Augustus 2020

I come back to Lara for guidance regularly she is really good at what she does and can see everything that’s going on in my life

Lauren - 10 Augustus 2020

The consultation with Lara was very insightful and accurate. She enriched my understanding with predictions and kindness. It was interesting to learn which cards she picked. Thank you so much.

Deepa - 8 Augustus 2020

Thank you πŸ™πŸΏ Lara , you said me the truth ❀️

Inga - 8 Augustus 2020

Some fine insights!

Liene - 2 Augustus 2020

She was very accurate and answered all my questions.

Jasmin - 2 Augustus 2020

Lara gave good guidance and foresight. Thank you

Lucy - 31 Juli 2020

Lara is very kind and delivered reading with great care and compassion. A lot of things resonated, looking forward to predictions unfold. Thank you so much!

Jasmine - 31 Juli 2020

She gave me a peace of mind. That is what I was looking for.

Nashaka - 29 Juli 2020

Connected with a loved one for me and made sense!

Rachel - 28 Juli 2020

The reading was accurate and Lara gave proper guidance.

Tushar Shetty - 25 Juli 2020

This is the second reading I've had with Lara. She's very kind and gives good insight.

Victoria - 25 Juli 2020

Thank you so much lara πŸ’– you was great today 😊

Nikisha - 21 Juli 2020

Lara was so accurate about things I'm so happy I contact you today take ❀

Nikisha - 21 Juli 2020

I am so happy. She is so helpfully. First time how someone tell me true about how was and what I worried about.

Zuzana - 20 Juli 2020

Very accurate and detailed. Straight to the point and will tell you exactly what she sees.

Kale - 17 Juli 2020

Amazing lady, loved the reading she’s a gifted person xx

Glynis - 12 Juli 2020

Lara was very easy to talk too, and answered my question. Just hope it comes true.

Monique - 11 Juli 2020

Lara was very intuitive and has put me at ease. I was very worried about my career, and she guided me to a proper understanding of the issue in question. Thank you Lara. All the best

Sara - 10 Juli 2020

Lara was able to pick up on my situation quickly and gave me good insight into the future. I would definitely consult her again

Jane - 9 Juli 2020

Good reading she is accurate and very kind 😊

Claudia - 8 Juli 2020

Lovely lady, wish I had more time to chat. Picked up on my traits perfectly so I have faith in her predictions.

Amy - 5 Juli 2020

Very good reading. Told me things I would have never thought she’d guess. Interesting and insightful. Lovely lady

Rachel - 5 Juli 2020

Everything Lara said in my reading is starting to make sense and I know who she was referring to in my life

Lauren - 5 Juli 2020

She was lovely and spot on Would recommend

Violet - 2 Juli 2020

Thank you Lara for the reading, I got all the information in those minutes. Lara types fat and also has a sense of humour.

Celia - 30 Juni 2020

Thank you Lara

Kimberly - 26 Juni 2020

Very good reading. I enjoyed it very much I look forward to chatting again soon 😊.. thank you lara

Tanya - 23 Juni 2020

I love the reading. I hope it will happens what she told . Thank you xx

Veronika - 22 Juni 2020

It’s a shame 10 minutes is not enough but her reading really resonated with me. Will not hesitate for a further reading for more clarity. Thank you Lara

Abygail - 22 Juni 2020

Straight she pointed at real situation at what I’m now without me saying anything Very accurate reading Definitely recommend Will be contacting again Thank you LaraπŸ˜˜πŸ€—

Erika - 20 Juni 2020

Very productive chat, able to listen and tell me about past

Molly - 20 Juni 2020

She told me I was going to have a small amount of money come to from somewhere far away. Ten min after the chat my dad call from abroad to tell me he has given me some money that was a bit freaky but has me hooked.

Emma - 17 Juni 2020

Lara gave me great peace of mind. She described my issue in great detail and she gave me a description of all people involved. I wholeheartedly recommend !

Sara - 17 Juni 2020

Lara connected with my brother who committed suicide. She was able to reach out to him and knew his emotions on the run up to his death without knowing how he had died. She has helped me to both understand and feel at ease with his decision within a only a few minutes. Thank you Lara.

Hayley - 15 Juni 2020

It was very accurate

Lourdds - 8 Juni 2020

Lara is a very reassuring person and gives good advice. Would definitely recommend her

Victoria - 6 Juni 2020

I felt I was heard. I’m praying things work out the way she describes

Carmen - 6 Juni 2020

I really enjoyed my chat with Lara. She gave good insight into my situation and was really friendly and engaging.

Victoria - 27 Mei 2020

I loved her,I could have stayed all night.xcc

Clare - 14 Mei 2020

Accurate, friendly and quick.

Lisa - 4 Mei 2020

I enjoyed this thorough reading

Courtney - 1 Mei 2020

Very easy to talk to and answered my questions honestly

Rana - 30 April 2020

Lara was very accurate and awesome! Thank you so much. Will be back soon!

Ashley - 25 April 2020

I was pleased with what I was wondering and my mind is somewhat put at ease will definitely come back for another reading

Pockets - 20 April 2020

Great reading, friendly and informative Thank you 😊

Emma - 16 April 2020

Great reading, friendly and informative Thank you 😊

Emma - 16 April 2020

Thank you so much

Anastasia - 28 Maart 2020

Direct contact with Lara